By Andréa Bensaid, CEO and Founder of Eskimoz.

As a digital acquisition agency, we’re here to help companies take advantage of the audiences made available by the large tech companies. We strongly believe that digital is the most important acquisition channel for all businesses because both prospects and clients gravitate towards the online world. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make digital acquisition more straightforward and accessible to all. We believe everyone should have the right to benefit from the far-reaching visibility the internet offers.

Additionally, we believe the digital environment should be governed by a strong sense of ethics and are convinced that certain values must be adhered to. We are confident that our partnerships define us, and because of this we are uncompromising on the values promoted by the companies we work with. Our actions find meaning in helping businesses with a positive social and environmental impact become more visible. Their causes drive our own convictions. They function as cogs in the machine that keeps us moving forward everyday. It is this stance – and this stringency with our values – that prompts our clients to give us their trust and choose to work with the people who make Eskimoz what it is.

We intend to see Eskimoz stand the test of time. 

We also know that none of this would be possible without strong bricks supporting the foundation of our capabilities. Our members of our staff are these bricks. Our employees are our top priority. We strive to create conditions where our teams can thrive. To this end, we’ve implemented a series of HR policies designed to promote their well-being and engagement, whilst improving their skills and knowledge. We apply these principles everywhere Eskimoz puts its roots as we continue our European expansion.

Another ambition of ours is to bring together hundreds of specialists from all over Europe, and become the bedrock of expertise on which companies big and small will be able to lean to develop and build their future.

And tomorrow?

We intend to see Eskimoz stand the test of time. We wholeheartedly hope to still be here 100 years from now, guiding companies, brands, associations, public entities, and institutions through the great technological and societal changes that await us.

We want to keep paving the way towards a more virtuous web and, ultimately, a better world. And, for that, we – also – need you!