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A Video Strategy to Help Your Campaigns Take Off

Eskimoz assists you with the creation of original videos to help your acquisition strategy achieve optimal performance. Motion Design, UGC, customer testimonies… We address all your video needs.

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Video The Format for Acquisition

The video format is a vital part of both organic strategies and advertising approaches. It can apply to social media and search engines. While the form varies, vertical video (or portrait video), popularised by stories, the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, is becoming the norm.

If you want to stand out, you may wish to call upon a video strategy agency. At Eskimoz, our experts keep on top of the latest trends and bank on creativity to bring you innovative marketing videos, boosting your sales and visibility!

The Right Video Strategy Popular Formats

  • Motion Design

    This format works well for explaining a concept, making a simple infographic more pertinent, or presenting a product. Creating motion design videos is ideal for introducing your products or services, for example.

  • Lives

    A company that publishes Lives has instant access to its community and can interact by answering questions, presenting products, and even doing crash tests. Live shopping events are especially relevant if you integrate them with a more global influence strategy.

  • Video Capture

    Video capture remains the ultimate video format. It’s particularly useful for gathering customer feedback. You can then leverage it as part of a remarketing strategy, making it a considerable asset. It’s also a great way to bring your employer brand to life on social media.

UGC The Most Impactful Video Strategy

In recent years, consumer habits have given rise to a trend: User Generated Content. The concept? Capitalising on your product videos produced by independent content creators. UGC constitutes an excellent social media strategy. Some brands encourage users to create UGC, whereas, for others, it happens naturally. In addition, creator-generated content is invaluable for your customer acquisition campaigns.

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« The possibilities granted by the sheer variety in video content formats are infinite, and the ROI you can expect is always significant. »
Jules Chazot – Content Manager

VSEO Video Search Engine Optimisation

VSEO – or Video Search Engine Optimisation – combines all the techniques that allow you to optimise the visibility of your videos in the search engine results. With the right VSEO strategy, your video content can end up on the first page, particularly in the dedicated section of Google and among the top results on YouTube. Our video strategy agency helps boost your visibility, maximise traffic on your website, and generate more leads!

Eskimoz Our Expert Team

Our agency has assisted numerous clients in the development of their video strategies. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of directors, motion designers, and copywriters who understand how to create videos that will suit your exact needs.

By entrusting Eskimoz with your video strategy, you’ll be assured to get the results you expect – A boost in your visibility and an improvement in your sales thanks to a personalised approach designed to adapt to the stakes of your unique situation.

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