Increasing Organic Traffic & Revenue

Discover how Eskimoz helped Gophr transform its SEO and PPC, increasing organic traffic and revenue over the last five years.

The Client

Gophr are a London-based same day courier service for businesses, making nearly every kind of delivery nationwide.

The Challenge

When Gophr came to us, they were suffering from a lack of visibility. They did not appear for any keywords other than their own brand name, and were attempting to manage SEO in-house with limited resources. Compounding this, they enlisted a large PPC agency to manage their ad spend, resulting in a lack of attention on their account, and Gophr’s PPC campaigns underperforming overall.

Our Solution

When our team at Eskimoz began working with Gophr, we started by ensuring their website was well-optimised, with our content specialists working to match target keywords, and supplementing this with thorough backlink building and strategic digital PR campaigns.

From here, we were able to attain significantly higher positions for terms like “same day courier”, “courier London” and “van courier”, using Google Analytics to identify keywords with the highest ROI, and further optimise from here.

Having established effective targets for Gophr’s SEO, our experts were able to translate this to Gophr’s Google Ads account, better optimising it to increase revenue without increasing their ad spend.

With both Gophr’s SEO and PPC fully optimised, Eskimoz continued to work with them to support their national expansion, focusing on both London-related keywords alongside additional key UK cities. Throughout this, our team carefully expanded its SEO efforts, retaining an optimised site structure while continuing to target more relevant keywords and locations.

After 5 years Results

  • 185%

    increase in organic traffic revenue

  • 1st

    place for target keywords

  • 49%

    increase in Google Ads revenue

Our Results

Our extensive work with Gophr has seen a significant positive impacts on their business, producing substantial growth and revenue that has been supported in no small part by effective SEO and PPC management. They regularly rank in the top two positions for valuable keywords, with further key results including:

  • 185% increase in organic traffic revenue
  • 1st place for target keywords
  • 49% increase in Google Ads revenue
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