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Boost Your Sales with a Google Ads Agency

Control your acquisition costs while generating qualified traffic to your site and boosting your sales. Entrust your PPC campaigns to a Google Premier Partner agency like Eskimoz and accelerate the growth of your business.

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« In addition to organic SEO, Google Ads is a key lever in Search Marketing, which, when well-configured, offers you great prospects for growth! »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director

Maximum Visibility

  • Specific Audiences

    Google Ads empowers you with precision targeting. From demographics to age brackets, we help our clients zero in on their ideal audience. Plus, with remarketing capabilities, you can even re-engage past customers.

  • Google is Your Friend

    Google’s ever-evolving algorithms might seem daunting, but as a specialised Google Ads Agency, we recognise the platform’s potential and know how much Google search is a major asset for your business and its visibility. We can help you navigate Google’s rules and adapt to updates promptly.

  • Multiple Formats

    Google Ads offers a rich selection of ad formats catering to diverse business needs. From Google Shopping and YouTube Shorts to dynamic text ads, you can showcase your offerings in myriad ways, ensuring your customers find exactly what they’re looking for the way you want them to.

  • Strong Display Network

    Google Ads boasts an impressive display network of over 2 million sites, not to mention giants like YouTube and Gmail. As the digital realm continues to expand, leveraging Google Ads ensures your visibility keeps soaring.

Case Studies

Our SEO Case Studies

Our case studies offer valuable insights into our capabilities. Our portfolio also underscores the authenticity of our triumphs. We have a great deal of clients that we have helped with successful Google Ads campaigns, and you can read about some of them below.

Case Study 1 Gophr

We have worked with Gophr, a courier service based in London, for nearly six years. Initially, Gophr’s PPC campaigns were underperforming, and only their brand name appeared on Google.

Enjoying a steady increase in YoY metrics over the last five years, Gophr has recently seen a 185% increase in organic traffic revenue and a 49% increase in Google Ads revenue. Gophr now occupies the first position for many target keywords and is recognised as a top courier in London.

Case Study 2 JustBoilers offers their clients in London boiler installation and repair services. When we partnered with them, they had close to zero organic search engine presence. They sought not just visibility but dominance in their niche.

Collaborating with Eskimoz resulted in a 1063% increase in organic traffic and about 16,000 keywords giving them visibility. They sit prominently on the first page of many relevant keywords.


Your Google Ads expert

  • Know-how

    With over 10 years of expertise and hundreds of clients supported, our Google Ads Agency knows the ins and outs of all of Google’s many levers. We know and understand the crucial roles data and creativity play in campaigns on the Google Ads platform. We have a rich team of experienced experts who will all be working towards your goals.

  • Pedagogy

    Our knowledge of Google Ads is our strength. We’re very happy to share best practices and train you in using it, too. Your access to our knowledge and expertise will surely foster successful growth.

  • Transparency

    Our Google Ads agency works closely together with you to help you achieve your objectives, boost your sales, and, above all, understand the benefits of Google Ads. We are totally focused on making well-informed, data-driven decisions that will contribute to the growth of your business.


Google Partner Premier

Eskimoz is a certified Google Partner Premier agency. Our experts are masters of the many tools Google offers, meaning you benefit from fully certified knowledge. Our team of certified individuals is ready to help you with everything you need to know about Google Ads and its management.

We are in regular contact with Google’s teams and stay informed and trained on the latest updates so our Google Ads agency can best accompany you in your advertising campaigns.

We will be with you through every step of the journey, from start to finish and beyond. Please do not pass up on this opportunity; contact us at Eskimoz.


Any questions?

Also known as Google AdWords, Google Ads has been around for over 20 years. To run ads, you first need to create an account. After familiarising yourself with the tool, it’s easy to create your campaigns, ad groups, and ads, and select the various settings for your Google Ads campaigns.

On Google Ads, you can create ads whenever you want, schedule them, and track results both overall and in more detail. Google compiles many statistics that are updated continuously.

Getting started with Google Ads can sometimes be complex, which is why it is recommended to use a Google Ads Agency like Eskimoz. Your account and campaigns are structured and optimised, and our goal is to live up to your expectations!

Creating an advertisement on Google Ads follows a specific pattern. Once you are logged into your account, you’ll have the option to create a new campaign. First, you must choose your objectives. Then, you need to select the type of campaign you want to launch (Display, Shopping, Local, Video, etc.).

Depending on the type of campaign you choose, you need to select your parameters (targeting, budget, bidding, extensions, etc.), as well as configure your ad groups and create your ads.

To start advertising on Google Ads, it’s important to determine a budget in order to test the many possibilities offered by this effective tool. Per month, you could easily allocate a budget of over £3,000 to your Google Ads campaigns.

Your budget will also depend on the time of year, the keywords you choose, or the maximum bid amount you’ve decided on.

It’s common for the Google Ad Agency you work with to be compensated through a percentage of the investment. For example, for a budget of £10,000 to be spent on Google Ads, an agency may take a percentage between 7% and 15%.

The cost of a Google Ads campaign varies depending on different criteria, such as the location of your advertisement, as well as the amount of your bids, the specificity of the keywords, or even the quality of your ads.

In general, the Google Ads CPC on the search network is between £1 and £2. On the Display network, it can often be less than £1. Certain keywords, however, can have a CPC of over £50.

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