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The Future of Search

Created in 2018 for the continuous improvement of our processes, our R&D department made it its mission to design technologies that can optimise the strategies we roll out for our clients.

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R&D Department

Unequivocal Expertise

In addition to our consulting activities, we also develop technological solutions. It’s a strategic choice that brings us closer to our clients. It allows us to understand their issues thoroughly and find a successful approach when the solutions available don’t have enough to offer. Thanks to our teams of developers, data scientists, and data engineers, we build solutions that facilitate decision-making for organic and paid strategies alike.


Our Team

  • 5

    data scientists

    who develop the algorithms for our predictive tools.
  • 4


    who build solid and robust applications.
  • 3

    data engineers

    who collect data place it in perspective.
Data science provides a means of collecting, structuring, and processing data to extract precious information that will feed our clients’ marketing actions.
Alexander Ford – Data Director

Strategy Customisation

In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive context, strategy customisation has become vital.

The tools we develop give us the keys to collecting, structuring, and analysing a vast quantity of data. From this, we can devise and roll out fully customised – and completely ROI-driven – strategies for our clients. These solutions are specifically designed to adapt to the issues companies face in terms of digital visibility, acquisition, and conversion.

The goal is simple: To offer our clients bespoke services with high-quality results and integrate any changes and new technologies that reach the market to provide increasingly efficient recommendations. We always keep performance optimisation in our line of sight.


Proprietary Tools

  • Linkbuilding Assistant

    Focusing on building effective link profiles, this tool calculates the number of backlinks that should point to a given page to reach the Top 3 on the SERP for a specific keyword. It also lists third-party websites that you should prioritise targeting for faster results. The tool tells you exactly how many links you should generate for an ROI-driven approach.

  • Predictive Ranking

    This tool highlights the optimisation opportunities you should prioritise on your website to improve its SEO performance without undue delay. These recommendations depend on the context and the client’s industry and include the actions they can implement to achieve better performance in their specific market niche: Page Trust, content length, number of links to insert, optimal loading time, etc.


Understanding Before Acting

Our dashboards provide an overview of the key information related to your website’s performance, analyse campaigns, calculate ROI, and give you access to recommendations for corrective actions you can implement to optimise your results.

Dashboarding is also a transparency lever: With just a few clicks, our clients can peruse multiple indicators (traffic volume, conversion rate, changes in positions on the SERP, etc.) and get an accurate picture of the performance their campaigns allowed them to reach.


Our Commitment

  • Expertise

    Since 2010, we have worked with over 2000 clients across 90 countries.

  • Passion

    We are a team of passionate, industry-focused individuals who are committed to your success.

  • Performance

    We’re committed to implementing a data-driven strategy, making a real impact on your bottom line by providing avenues for growth.