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Finally, a Tone of Voice That Sounds Like You!

Eskimoz is there to help you define your Tone of Voice and determine the rules you’ll follow when your brand addresses your audience for every format that will feed your Content Marketing strategy.

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Tone of voice Why It’s Crucial

The Tone of Voice defines the way your company communicates about its history, values, or vision. Any time your address your audience, regardless of the lever you utilise, you need to integrate your Tone of Voice to ensure your brand shows consistency.

You can also think of it as your brand’s personality. Depending on your line of business, customers, and positioning, the latter could be formal or informal, funny or serious, personal or neutral, etc. The words you use should correspond to how you want your target to perceive you as a company.

« Thanks to Tone of Voice, your company can stand out from the competition. Your goal is simple: to use words to persuade your audience while remaining faithful to your brand image. »
Jules Chazot – Content Manager
Tone of voice

Our Method

To be on the same page as your communication team as we define your Tone of Voice, we’ve put together a precise method that ensures the best results.

  • Step 1

    Analysing what’s already there

    We analyse all the key elements that characterise your addresses to define your current Tone of Voice. The main question is: Does your approach to communication reflect the image you wish to convey?

  • Step 2

    Analysing your competition

    To avoid rushing head down into a strategy, we study what your competition and successful actors in other markets do. This allows you to gain a quick understanding of what works and what doesn’t and, more importantly, why.

  • Step 3

    Defining customer expectations

    No one is in a better position to talk about you than your own customers. We get in touch with your ambassadors to understand what they love about your brand and make these elements a prominent part of your future Tone of Voice.

  • Step 4

    Defining your Tone of Voice

    Your Tone of Voice takes shape and comes through as we write specific guidelines that will be used by anyone who participates in your content creation process. We’ll add examples of what they should and shouldn’t do to make things as clear as possible.


Your Personality Is Our Priority

At Eskimoz, we make sure you can rely on dedicated experts who will be at your side throughout the implementation of your Tone of Voice strategy. We’ll match the right talents to your project. Your team is made up of communication and copywriting professionals who specialise in your industry. Once your Tone of Voice is delivered, our Content Strategists can use it as a compass to create your SEO or Social content.

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