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CPA Down 36% in 4 Months

Discover how Eskimoz revitalised Matterport’s PPC strategy to decreased the CPA by 36% in just 4 months.

The Client

Matterport is a spatial data company who platform allows the 3D capture of spaces such as homes and offices for use in the real estate, travel and hospitality sectors.

The Challenge

When they came to Eskimoz, Matterport were spending a large amount per month across Google and Meta to generate Marketing Qualified Leads [MQLs], largely consisting of anyone who submitted a form on their landing pages. However, they were having trouble with the quality of these leads, with many not progressing into Sales Qualified Leads [SQLs].

Geography posed an additional challenge for them, as they were targeting EMEA and North America, and struggling to get enough good leads in the right places for their sales teams.

Our Solution

Our specialists wanted to ensure Matterport were getting a good return on investment with quality leads. We began by reassessing their customer journey through both paid search and social to gain a better understanding of what their qualified leads were searching and which ads they were most engaged with.

Working closely alongside Matterport’s web and sales team, Eskimoz ensured tracking information was properly set up to build a better picture of which campaigns were driving SQLs, and which were merely generating junk MQLs.

Our data engineering team were able to automate linking Matterport’s CRM data with keyword and campaign data from Google and Facebook directly into the live dashboard, giving us direct insight into performance by categories such as specific keyword or location. From here, we could use this data to inform Matterport’s paid social and search campaigns.

Paid search campaigns were optimised to focus on the keywords generating SQLs, prioritising the geographies that Matterport wanted to target. We also redesigned their paid social campaigns, splitting the audiences to prioritise different geographies and adjust messaging for new users to create both awareness and remarketing campaigns.

With our rebuilt campaigns now contributing to a significant increase in SQLs, and at a lower cost, our PPC team continued to tweak and optimise the strategy to further build on these results. We improved the landing page design to further increase conversion rates, launched campaigns in Japanese and Korean alongside their English-language counterparts, along with ongoing optimisations to keywords and paid social creatives to build on our success.

After 4 months Results

  • -36%

    cost per SQL

  • 60%

    increase in SQLs

  • $200K+

    monthly budget

Our Results

Our data-driven approach to paid search and paid social campaigns achieved amazing results for the quality of Matterport’s SQLs. In just 4 months, we increased their SQL and SQL conversion rate, improved their account’s Quality Score, and reduced their CPC, with key results including:

  • 60% increase in SQLs
  • Reduction of 36% in the cost of each SQL
  • Expansion of monthly PPC spend to $400K per month
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