Scaling Organic Growth Across 9 countries

Discover how Eskimoz built an SEO campaign with a huge ROI at a European level​ for Sandro.

This successful case study was a finalist in 3 categories at the European Search Awards.
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in 12 months

Our results

  • +45%

    Increased SEO ROI

  • +920%

    🇬🇧 Visibility index

  • +37,5%

    Non-branded traffic

Eskimoz x Sandro

Starting point

Sandro, a luxury French fashion and accessories brand, sought to strengthen its online presence and increase sales through expert SEO strategies targeting multiple European markets.
When Sandro Paris approached Eskimoz in December 2022, it was to strengthen their online presence through an integrated, multilingual SEO strategy covering all aspects of their conversion funnel.

Eskimoz x Sandro Starting Point
the brief and its challenge

The stakes

Sandro’s visibility was constrained by significant challenges in a highly competitive luxury market. It was crucial for Sandro to synchronize its marketing strategies to achieve the growth and international expansion goals.

sandro x eskimoz The stakes
our method

Action plan

To meet customer needs

  • Editorial Strategy

  • Redesign Project

  • Technical SEO Audit

  • Off-site SEO Strategy

Dive Deeper

Our Actions

  • Step1

    Editorial Strategy

    Improve category pages, which have the highest clicks and SEO potential in GSC, as SANDRO customers often search by large category names (e.g., tweed dress, wool coat). Content actions include qualifying search intentions via Search Console, ahrefs, and semrush; strengthening main queries and exploiting secondary ones (e.g., women, long, chic); and enhancing internal linking between related categories to improve pagerank and linkbuilding. Increase catalog granularity by focusing on high-performing product categories (SEO and sales) with qualified queries (type, occasion, color). Create pages with product listings for rapid positioning and optimize page semantics.

  • Step2

    Redesign Project

    Redesign project to improve user experience: includes addressing catalog monitoring issues, enhancing UX, leveraging the latest version of Salesforce B2C Commerce (CMS) – SFRA, updating their websites to the latest standards.

  • Step3

    Technical SEO Audit

    Ensure all site pages return a “200” status. Make facets and sorting rules non-crawlable to Googlebot and implement PageRank sculpting by obfuscating login, basket, account, and filters. Clean the Google Index to maintain control over indexed pages. Improve international SEO with better “hreflang” tags. Maintain constant communication between SEO, development, and marketing teams. Plan for the redesign project and migration to SFRA (Salesforce B2C Commerce).

  • Step4

    Off-site SEO Strategy

    Our link building efforts resulted in 36 published links across three main markets, with 100% indexed links. We conducted a content audit to identify queries where Sandro ranked 4th to 20th. The strategy involves pushing category pages through link-building articles with optimized anchor texts or promoting new category pages.



Eskimoz x Sandro

+920% SISTRIX Visibilty Index (UK)

Our SEO strategy has enabled us to increase our visibility (Source: Sistrix) in Google search results by +920% compared with last year.

SISTRIX Visibilty Index (UK)
Eskimoz x Sandro

+45% Increased SEO ROI

Thanks to our content strategy, we were able to gain important positions on non-branded keywords and generate qualified traffic, whereas previously 100% of Sandro’s traffic was generated by their brand.

+45% Increased SEO ROI
Eskimoz x Sandro

+37,5% NON-BRANDED Keywords

(WOMEN FOCUS) (France)
Taking into account all Sandro’s expenses with our agency and the SEO revenues we generated, we achieved +45% organic ROI in a competitive market compared to last year.

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