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In today’s digital landscape, journalists are influencers that can significantly support your SEO ambitions. We’re here to support you in developing content that fosters partnerships with them, ensuring your content shines across top tier publications and search engines.

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Press Relations The Power of Digitalisation

The proliferation of digital platforms and the rapid growth of the internet have brought about significant changes in the management of press relations. Nowadays, PR has gone digital and must align with your natural search engine optimisation strategy. With the accessibility of quality content creation and the ability to target specific audiences, anyone can contribute to boosting your website traffic and ensuring a return on investment. That’s why Eskimoz has evolved into a digital PR agency.

The primary goal of a digital PR agency today is to increase your website’s visibility & generate backlinks rather than relying solely on traditional media outlets to disseminate information to a wider audience. The outdated vertical model, where news was sent to the media for coverage, has given way to a more horizontal approach. Now, digital PR involves engaging with a diverse range of individuals and entities who can collectively enhance the reputation of your company.

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« Press relations aren’t what they used to be. Finding the right opinion leaders and establishing a relationship with them has become essential in maximising your visibility. »
Chloe Shepherd, Digital PR Expert
Our approach

A Results-oriented Culture

When it comes to developing your digital press relations, our agency has adopted a precise methodology that we follow diligently. Our expertise seamlessly integrates as we align with your online business goals, setting the groundwork to attract the right connections.

With a seasoned team at the helm, you’re assured valuable media exposure and critical link-building, propelling your business growth. We are not just your agency; we are your brand’s advocate.
  • Strategy Preparation

    We’ll begin by studying your current editorial strategy and examining your social media landscape. We’ll also identify influential figures who are regarded as opinion leaders in your industry, as they can greatly enhance your visibility. We’ll pinpoint the most suitable approaches that align with your brand image.

  • Data Collection

    Data shapes the edges of effective marketing. Understanding your website’s dynamics, existing campaigns, and traffic patterns is important. This insight feeds into our tailored approach, aligning with your objectives to craft marketing blueprints for the desired digital outlook and the substantial growth that will follow.

  • Strategy Definition

    Our team of experts in digital press relations will ensure that your editorial guidelines are strictly followed. We’ll create content that not only adds significant value but also effectively communicates your brand values. Furthermore, we optimise the content for search engines to ensure easy discoverability.

  • Partnership Creation

    To amplify the reach of your content, our agency will establish strong connections with influencers. We’ll assist you in forging beneficial partnerships and meticulously manage each collaboration, with the aim of fostering long-term relationships.

  • SEO Collaboration

    Our PR experts collaborate seamlessly with our SEO experts, marrying the art of brand storytelling with the science of search engine visibility. The combination of these two teams will enhance your online stature while driving organic traffic to you.

    Sitting amongst the top three of Google’s search engine results for key commercial keywords associated with your business is the best place your business can be. To facilitate this, our digital PR initiatives ensure your PR stories are deployed with strategic backlinks.


    Our digital PR agency will work hand-in-hand with your team to develop ideas. Implementing these ideas will help your business gain linked online media coverage from well-known websites your preferred audience visits. This will help us make your brand more visible and your products highly recognised. It will also help increase your trust in us.


The Digital PR Agency

  • Publications

    With our extensive expertise, Eskimoz is a digital PR agency that can guarantee a minimum number of monthly publications for you.

  • Partnerships

    We have forged collaborations with numerous influential media outlets and bloggers.

  • ROI-oriented Approach

    We aim to deliver both quantity (consistent publications) and quality (adding relevance) to ensure maximum results for you!

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study 1 TRG Datacenters

We started working with TRG Datacenters in 2015. They approached us again visibility on local keywords for data centers and colocation. Two very competitive terms.

Amongst other things, we launched digital PR campaigns to support this. Our most successful campaign generated over 2.5K links. Overall we’ve increased their domain rating from 2 to 58.

Case Study 2 JustServicesGroup

Before we started working with JustServicesGroup & JustBoilers,  their websites didn’t appear organically for any keywords. We developed a thorough SEO strategy that included digital PR campaigns.

Now they rank highly for several very competitive boiler related keywords that drive significant growth for them. Digital PR was key to this, increasing their Domain Rating from 0 to 24, with links & mentions from sites such as The Evening Standard & City AM.


Our Commitment

  • Expertise

    Since 2010, we have worked with over 2000 clients across 90 countries. This extensive experience enables us to address your challenges with precision.

  • Passion

    We are a team of passionate individuals who constantly stay abreast of industry developments. This mindset ensures that you work with consultants who are deeply committed to your success.

  • Performance

    We guide you in implementing a results-driven strategy. Our commitment is to make a tangible impact on your business by providing avenues for growth.


Any questions?

In the past, press relations simply involved sending press releases to numerous journalists, hoping for coverage in publications. However, with the rise of social media as a rival to traditional media, press relations have undergone a transformation.

Digital PR is a strategy that focuses on building partnerships with influencers who can promote your products, services, and brand. The aim is to prioritise authenticity rather than quantity by establishing strong partnerships and engaging with a community that resonates with your target audience.

Building partnerships takes time. This complex process involves identifying the most relevant influencers and opinion leaders in your industry. Then, you need to establish contact with them, agree on partnership terms, and wait for their first content to be published.

By opting for an experienced digital PR agency like Eskimoz, you can save time and focus on your content. We already have a strong network of influencers and opinion leaders, along with established relationships with major media outlets. We proactively reach out to those who best fit your digital environment and assist you in maintaining long-term connections.

Moreover, apart from managing partnerships, a proficient digital press relations agency will create SEO-optimised content with significant value. This content can be shared by the identified opinion leaders, who have access to key information and can distribute it through their blogs or social media channels in a way that resonates with their audience.

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