Drive Your Sales with YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads is an essential tool in Search Marketing. We’ll take the reins of your strategy to showcase your story through this highly popular video format. Whether it’s boosting your brand awareness, increasing your reach or enhancing your performance, we’re committed to achieving your goals.

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Propulsez vos ventes avec youtube ads
Youtube ads

Capturing Attention

Did you know that, on average, people spend more than 30 minutes watching content on YouTube? With YouTube Ads, you can easily insert your brand into users’ daily routines and engage them with captivating content that highlights your products, all while optimising your ROI.

YouTube’s massive user base of 2 billion people is always looking for entertaining or educational content, providing you with broad visibility and precise targeting options. And because YouTube is the only platform where videos have native sound activation, it enhances engagement. That’s why we decided to develop our expertise and become a YouTube Ads agency that supports you in achieving your campaign goals.

YouTube Ads

Visibility and Audience

YouTube Ads provides an effective channel for advertisers to reach users who consume video content with ease. The platform’s highly qualified audience and its advertising formats offer plenty of room for creativity while fostering engagement. With several audience targeting options available, you can tailor your approach to a user’s interests, search history, purchases, or even find audiences similar to your current customers.

Whether you want to promote your product, tell your story, attract traffic to your site, or build customer loyalty, our YouTube Ads agency helps you easily integrate the different stages of the user’s purchasing journey.

« YouTube Ads is an essential acquisition tool that enables you to achieve your visibility and conversion goals through creative and engaging content! »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director

The Keys to Success

Our YouTube Ads agency helps you increase your visibility, build your community, and boost your conversions with our expertise on this Google-owned platform.

  • Visibility

    Just like a TV commercial, your videos can be shown at the beginning, middle, or end of a video. This helps capture the user’s attention with your original content, increase brand recall, and multiply your views.

  • Community

    YouTube users are active and engaged, providing a great opportunity to foster customer loyalty and build a genuine community around your brand.

  • Conversion

    The various ad formats allow you to prompt the user to take the desired action, such as making a purchase, visiting your website, or exploring your channel.

Our Methodology

Working together to meet your needs!

  • Step 1


    In our first discussion, we’ll talk about your needs, objectives, and your previous actions. This will help us provide personalised support for your YouTube Ads strategy.

  • Step 2

    Strategy definition

    We’ll then propose a comprehensive strategy based on your strengths, products, services, and budget. This includes recommending the best formats and target audiences.

  • Step 3

    Content creation

    Our video and copywriting experts work together to create visually impactful content that focuses on driving conversions.

  • Step 4

    Campaign setup

    Our Youtube Ads agency will manage your Google Ads account, setting up campaigns and fine-tuning their structure and target audiences.

  • Step 5

    Test & Learn

    We’ll optimise your campaigns in real-time to identify the most effective ones. We also offer regular updates to keep you informed of any strategic changes.

YouTube Ads

The right format for every goal

  • Masthead

    Your video will be displayed prominently on the YouTube homepage for 24 hours.

  • Trueview for reach

    Viewers are required to watch your advertisement for at least 5 seconds before they can skip it.

  • Discovery Trueview

    Introduce viewers to your videos while they search.

  • Trueview InStream

    Viewers see your ad for 5 seconds before being able to skip it and watch their chosen video.

  • Non-skippable ads

    These 15- to 20-second ads play before a video and cannot be skipped.

  • Bumper Ads

    A short, attention-grabbing advertisement lasting only 6 seconds!

  • Outstream

    Your ads are displayed on partner websites and apps.

  • Trueview for shopping

    In addition to your video, viewers are presented with a selection of products to check out.

  • Trueview for action

    Our YouTube Ads agency suggests adding personalised calls-to-action to your videos and getting creative to generate action!

YouTube Ads

How does it work?

YouTube Ads offers a variety of advertising formats that cater to three objectives: raising brand awareness, driving purchases, and prompting actions.

To achieve your goals, our agency recommends the following advertising formats for your YouTube Ads campaigns:

  • For raising brand awareness:

    Masthead, Trueview for Reach, Bumpers Ads, and Non-skippable Ads.

  • For driving purchases:

    Discovery Trueview and Trueview InStream.

  • For prompting actions:

    Trueview for action.


Google Partner Premier

Eskimoz works closely with Google’s teams. Our YouTube Ads agency consists of experts trained on the platform’s latest features, informed of best practices, and adhering to Google’s policies.

Eskimoz is a certified Google Premier Partner, ensuring you’ll benefit from the best ROI techniques for even more successful campaigns.


The YouTube Ads experts

  • Expertise

    We’ve helped over 200 clients optimise their YouTube Ads strategy, as well as manage their operations!

  • Support

    By working with our YouTube Ads agency, you’ll benefit from a committed partner who will answer all your questions and provide training on the digital tools we use.

  • Creation

    Video creation is essential, and we work with the best content creators to offer unique videos that drive conversions.


Any questions?

To manage YouTube Ads, you need to use Google’s advertising platform, Google Ads. Therefore, you must have a Google Ads account to display your ads on the video platform.

YouTube Ads can be used to achieve various objectives, such as improving your visibility, attracting qualified traffic to your website, increasing the number of visits to your physical store, or boosting your conversion rate.

The platform is easy to use, but the help of a specialised agency is always welcome to maximise the performance of your campaigns.

To launch your first campaigns, you first need to link your Google Ads account to your YouTube channel. It is from the latter that you’ll be able to broadcast your ads.

Then, you need to choose your objective from the different options available: sales, traffic, awareness, etc. The next step is to determine the format, which often depends on the chosen objective. After that, you need to define your bidding strategy, schedule, and overall campaign budget. You also have the option to choose where your videos will be displayed. Finally, various targeting criteria are on offer, and depending on your target audience, you can refine them however you’d like.

On YouTube, there is no minimum budget requirement to get started. Just like with Google Ads, your budget will depend on your bids and how much you are willing to invest in this performance-based marketing channel.

To achieve effective results, we recommend spending at least £2,000 per month on the platform in order to test various formats and determine what works best for your business.

With millions of videos watched every day, the popularity of YouTube as a marketing channel is undeniable. Unlike other basic marketing channels, video formats may appear to have higher acquisition costs on YouTube. On average, the CPC (cost per click) is around 3.21 dollars, while the CPV (cost per view) ranges from 0.10 to 0.30 dollars.

However, depending on your ad placements, the content highlighted in your video, and the level of competition, costs may vary. By partnering with a YouTube Ads agency like Eskimoz, you can benefit from a dedicated team that optimizes your results through a ROI-driven approach.

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