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We can help you analyse your customer journey data so you can make informed decisions and improve your conversion rates.

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Nous sommes une Agence Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics A leading web analytics tool

Formerly known as Omniture, Adobe Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that simplifies the collection, tracking, and analysis of your website data. With this solution, you can gain detailed insights into every step of your customers’ journeys.

What sets Adobe Analytics apart from other popular web analytics tools like Google Analytics is its advanced features, such as artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, and modelling.

Given the crucial role of data in marketing strategies, our Adobe Analytics agency can help you seamlessly integrate Adobe Analytics into your daily routine to drive the growth of your business.

« Adobe Analytics is a powerful tool that enables you to collect, measure, and analyse your marketing data in a meaningful way! »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director
Adobe Analytics

The advantages

  • Web analytics

    With the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies, Adobe Analytics can provide you with in-depth insights into your data and give you a sharp understanding of your customers.

  • Integration

    Regardless of the channels used by your customers (web, mobile, applications…), Adobe Analytics allows you to analyse all of them in real-time.

  • Attribution

    The tool offers numerous attribution models that can help you determine the impact of your touchpoints with customers, enabling you to make informed investments.

Adobe Analytics Key features

  • Real-time analysis

    With Adobe Analytics, you can track your visitors’ actions and interactions in real-time. This allows you to adjust your marketing strategy and budgets as needed for optimal performance.

  • Segmentation

    Adobe Analytics offers multi-channel analysis of your customers, providing you with a precise understanding of your target audiences.

  • Predictive marketing

    Thanks to the large amount of data obtained, Adobe Analytics allows you to predict what your customers want and create personalised marketing campaigns that meet their needs. An Adobe Analytics agency such as Eskimoz can assist you in optimising these campaigns.

  • Data visualisation

    Adobe Analytics provides various data visualisation options such as graphs, dashboards, and histograms to help you better understand and interpret your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our Methodology

Set up, track and analyse

  • Step 1

    Understanding your needs

    Our Adobe Analytics agency will communicate with you to understand your analytics needs and the elements already in place in your business.

  • Step 2

    Defining your strategy

    Based on your objectives, our Adobe Analytics agency will determine the KPIs to track and propose a tagging plan to monitor the key data points.

  • Step 3


    Next, the different elements will be set up on your website or mobile application, and the tagging plan will be tested.

  • Step 4


    The different statistics will then be tracked and grouped together in dashboards.

  • Step 5


    We’ll be with you every step of the way, training you to use Adobe Analytics and maintaining your reports.


Your Adobe Analytics agency

  • Expertise

    Our consultants are Adobe Analytics certified and proficient in managing and optimising web analytics platforms.

  • Pedagogy

    Throughout our collaboration, we’ll communicate with you about our actions and provide training on the tools used.

  • ROI vision

    With a precise view of your data, you can optimise your marketing actions, reduce your acquisition costs, and maximise your ROI.


Any questions?

Adobe Analytics, formerly known as Omniture, is a must-have web analytics tool. Its numerous features allow you to gain a deep understanding of your customers through data collected from various channels in real-time.

You also get detailed audience segmentation based on the different stages of the purchase journey.

By using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive modelling, you can obtain complex information that is still easily readable.

While Google Analytics has recently been deemed illegal, the web analytics platform Adobe Analytics seems to be GDPR-compliant.

The platform offers numerous GDPR features and tools to help you manage your data, as well as track the KPIs that you can or cannot use based on user consent.

Working with an Adobe Analytics agency like Eskimoz ensures optimal data processing. Our experts are accustomed to managing and processing large amounts of information through dedicated web analytics platforms.

Once we’ve discussed your objectives and needs, our Adobe Analytics agency takes care of all the technical aspects to bring up the KPIs that really matter to you. The data is easy to read through customised dashboards. You can easily discuss KPIs in real-time and then adjust your marketing actions.

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