Improving New Customer Acquisition

Discover how Eskimoz drove ambitious growth plans for eCommerce fashion brand, Beaufort & Blake.

The Client

Beaufort & Blake are a premium fashion brand curating timeless style with its men’s and women’s clothing collections.

The Challenge

Beaufort & Blake had previously worked with us at Eskimoz, and when they returned, did so with a bigger budget. They enlisted our help in the next phase of their growth with two main goals. One was to help them reach their ambitious targets for cost per new customer, while the other was to reduce their reliance on Meta – a common problem for eCommerce businesses – and achieve better ROI from Google Ads activity.

Our Solution

We conducted a full audit of Beaufort & Blake’s current activity, and recommended an approach of focusing on customer acquisition cost [CAC] rather than ROI alone. With significant differences in cost of new vs returning customers, target CAC could be based on customer lifetime value and profitability, providing a more effective way to grow the brand and push activity that generates new customers.

The Eskimoz team set up Beaufort & Blake’s campaigns to do just this, structuring remarketing audiences to ensure campaigns targeted either new or returning customers, and then further segmenting these audiences based on their position in the buying process.

Campaigns were dynamically tailored to various products, whether audiences had visited the website before, and those that had purchased recently, and close attention was paid to keep these audiences mutually exclusive, allocating budget where we saw performance to ensure we did not overserve any one group.

Beaufort & Blake’s Google Shopping campaigns were then fully optimised, using a combination of automated rules and careful manual review to ensure products showed when people were searching highly relevant non-brand campaigns, driving both sales and acquisition of new customers. In this way, we were able to drive a comparable CAC to Meta, opening a new acquisition channel for the brand.

Building on our success, we worked closely with the brand to plan and prioritise promotional campaigns, such as Black Friday and New Season launches, ensuring timely and seamless creative launches and ensuring we maximised their profits over these periods.

After 1 year Results

  • 29%

    increase in ROI

  • 105%

    increase in spend

  • £20K/month


Our Results

Our highly targeted focus on CAC, along with unlocking the potential of a new acquisition channel in Google Shopping drove excellent results for Beaufort & Blake’s campaigns, with key results as follows:

  • 29% increase in YOY ROI
  • 105% increase in spend
  • £20K/month spend
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