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Increased Revenue from SEO

Petit Bateau called on our experts to increase traffic from SEO, as well as the revenue associated with it, and secure its place as market leader.

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After 12 months Our results

  • +33%

    keywords in top 3 positions

  • +70%

    SEO visibility

  • +30%


Strengthening SEO Traffic and the Revenue it Generates

Petit Bateau is a French brand mainly offering clothes and underwear for children, but also for men and women. The company has numerous physical stores as well as a website customers can use to order products. Petit Bateau wanted to boost it’s SEO traffic ad it’s e-commerce revenue.

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Making the most of a CMS: Salesforce B2C Commerce

Our expert teams supported Petit Bateau in technical work and internal linking on the Salesforce B2B Commerce CMS across 6 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the UK). It was important to ensure that the Petit Bateau website code complied with SEO standards. We therefore worked on optimising the web page/image loading times, indexing all pages on the website, managing 404 errors, internal linking and content creation.

We also provided editorial consultancy work for the business, including creating and optimising category pages, and creating guide content for optimal use of SFCC (Salesforce Commerce Cloud).

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