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Brand Content Agency in Manchester

Give your content the visibility it deserves thanks to a tailored Brand Content strategy and bring genuine added value to your audience!

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A Cornerstone of Brand Content

Brand Content now counts as one of the ultimate methods for helping you stand out from your competitors. The aim is simple: It’s all about pulling on your audience’s emotional strings. Interact with your prospects and customers by bringing them unique content in multiple formats.

With the right approach to storytelling, your brand gains visibility as you become your own media and generate high-quality editorial content. Eskimoz is your Brand Content Agency in Manchester. We’re here to design your tailor-made strategy and build a brand universe of your own making.

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« Brand Content gives you the ability to tell your story through unique content designed to fit the right communication channels and prompt action. »
Andréa Bensaid, Brand Content Expert
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Brand Content A Driver of Growth

  • Identity

    When defining a Brand Content strategy, you get to build your brand universe exactly as you envision it, from your tone of voice to your values and standpoint. The way you present yourself allows you to cultivate an emotional connection with your targets.

  • Conversion

    Whatever content you wish to offer (articles, videos, social media posts, etc.), your story will make a difference and naturally lead the users to perform specific actions.

  • Media

    An effective Brand Content strategy makes developing your media more straightforward. Your content could be entertaining, educational, or informative, but it will always be easy to consume and increase your visibility.


Producing More and Producing Better

Our Brand Content Agency in Manchester will be with you every step of the way to develop your Brand Content strategy.

  • Step 1

    Defining your requirements

    Understanding your needs allows us to encapsulate your Brand Content strategy. In addition to maintaining a constant and thorough dialogue with you, we analyse your market, constraints, and stakes so we can outline your brand identity.

  • Step 2

    Researching formats

    Depending on what you want to say and how you want to say it, it may be best to communicate via a blog article, a post on social media, a podcast, etc. Our role as a Brand Content agency in Manchester is to list the various possibilities and pinpoint which formats are ideal for you based on your message.

  • Step 3

    Creating an editorial schedule

    It’s important to have visibility over your upcoming content. We will devise an editorial plan to help you communicate at the right time and get the best results.

  • Step 4

    Establishing your marketing strategy

    The content produced as part of your Brand Content strategy falls under the scope of your overall marketing approach. Our goal is to create a genuine content factory that will facilitate customer acquisition, conversion, and loyalty.

  • Step 5

    Producing and serving content

    At our Brand Content Agency in Manchester, our team is made up of videographers, content writers and editors, web designers, and art directors who come together to design your content. We then distribute this content to your audience via the most appropriate channels to cultivate engagement, interaction and sharing.

Brand Content The Levers

  • Copywriting

    Wordsmithing, connecting, and persuading: That’s the idea behind copywriting. From your blog articles to your newsletter and the pages of your website, all must be designed to convince and convey emotion.

  • Video

    More and more users consume video content on social media and via search engines. This format offers countless possibilities. As a Brand Content agency in Manchester, our advice is not to disregard this format that will help you stand out.

  • Podcasts

    At any time of day, podcasts are a content format that people love to listen to. For brands, it’s a great way to assert their expertise, spark conversation, and share key information that will be easy to remember.

  • Influencers

    To maximise the performance of your Brand Content strategy, it’s important to include influencers. Our Brand Content Agency in Manchester identifies the most promising opinion leaders for you.


Your Brand Content Agency in Manchester

  • Expertise

    As a Brand Content agency in Manchester, Eskimoz possesses multiple skills ranging from SEO to data analysis, all the way to content creation.

  • Consulting

    Our role as a Brand Content expert isn’t just to produce or distribute content. We’re here to remain by your side and suggest new avenues to explore to develop your visibility.

  • Transparency

    Throughout our collaboration, our Brand Content Agency in Manchester will be there to listen and advise you. We’ll give you feedback on your results and explain which formats you should or shouldn’t use and why.


Any questions?

Brand Content is the best way to stand out by cultivating a strong value proposition. If you create your content with the users’ emotions in mind, you move away from your typical sales pitch.

This allows your company to tell a story. It also grants you much more credibility as to the topics you cover. With the right content strategy, your brand shines like a beacon on search engines and social media. Whatever your objectives – reputation, traffic, customer loyalty, etc. – we’re here to help you select the right media to use and levers to activate to meet your targets.

As part of your Brand Content strategy, your company should create a brand platform. This document is often crafted in collaboration with your marketing team and highlights the key elements of your brand identity.

This document allows your employees and partners – such as a Brand Content agency – to keep sight of your vision, values, etc.

If you don’t have a brand platform yet, our Brand Content Agency in Manchester will help you implement one. Creating this document is one of the most important steps of a successful content strategy. It will let you fine-tune your tone of voice and convey the right messages.

Every brand has a strategy. With that said, these 4 main strategies are the ones most turn to:

  • Product: A brand offers several products, all of them unique, with their own names and selling point, underlining their differences.
  • Range: A company groups several products under the same range, and often an identical name.
  • Multi-branding: With this strategy, several products are found under different brands controlled by the same company.
  • Umbrella: A brand offers many products and services that belong to a single company, making the brand image identical.

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