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Boost your sales with a Facebook Ads agency

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générez de la croissance avec facebook ads

A profitable advertising solution!

Organic reach on Facebook has been declining for several months now, and users are constantly bombarded with advertisements.

To stand out on the social network, advertising has become an essential tool, and our Facebook Ads agency understands this. The platform offers a wide-ranging audience that can be targeted based on your advertising objectives. Facebook’s strength lies in its precise targeting capabilities, extensive ecosystem including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, and complete cost control, resulting in an optimised ROI.

« Whether you have an e-commerce website, a startup, or a large corporation, Facebook Ads is the ideal social advertising solution to increase your visibility and tap into a vast pool of potential customers! »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director
Facebook Ads

A lever full of potential

  • Audience

    Facebook boasts the title of the world’s most widely used social network, with over 2.9 billion users worldwide. Not far behind is Instagram, with nearly 1.4 billion users.

  • Targeting

    When it comes to reaching a specific audience, this marketing tool allows you to define numerous criteria, including demographics, interests, and more.

    Turn to our Facebook Ads agency to effectively reach your target audience.

  • Remarketing

    Harnessing the power of Facebook Ads, you can easily target and convert website shopping basket abandonments, while also nurturing customer loyalty. Our Remarketing agency is at your service.

  • Conversion

    Whatever your objective may be – driving traffic, boosting sales, generating leads, or increasing engagement – the diverse range of advertising formats prompts your audience to take action.

Our Methodology

Transparent collaboration

As a Facebook Ads agency, the implementation of your campaigns involves several essential steps:
  • Audit

    Our Facebook Ads agency will take control of your Business Manager and analyse the previously run campaigns to ensure that all parameters are properly specified. Then, we’ll define your objectives and develop a comprehensive strategy for your business.
  • Creation

    We rely on our team of art directors to create the best visuals and our copywriters to craft compelling headlines.
  • Iteration

    Testing, testing, testing, to find the optimal combinations of text and visuals while refining your target audience.
  • Reporting

    Our Facebook Ads agency will provide you with a comprehensive performance report (expenditure and results). With just a click, you can access key campaign results and identify areas for improvement.
  • Acceleration

    Campaigns will be optimised daily to reduce acquisition costs and increase your ROI.

Facebook Ads agency

  • Expertise

    Our Facebook Ads agency has the expertise to assist clients of all types in optimising and managing their campaigns.

  • Passion

    We approach our work with unwavering passion, dedicating ourselves 100% to each client and implementing a well-crafted strategy!

  • Transparency

    Transparency is crucial for success. Our Facebook Ads agency communicates campaign results and improvement opportunities to you while diligently analysing the achieved outcomes.


Endless possibilities

facebook ads de nombreuses possibilités
  • Photos and videos

    – Drive traffic to your website
    – Promote your products
    – Engage your audience
    – Capture the attention of your viewers

  • Stories

    – Personalise the user experience
    – Generate better results with a wider audience

  • Messenger

    – Create and maintain conversations with your current and future clients
    – Retargeting
    – Enhance engagement with specific features

  • Carousel

    – Tell captivating stories
    – Showcase multiple products and services

  • Collection

    – Offer a unique advertising experience
    – Highlight your product catalogue
    – Encourage actions

  • Instant Experiences

    – Boost engagement
    – Acquire new customers
    – Drive mobile sales

Certification Approved by Facebook!

Our Facebook Ads agency works closely with Facebook’s teams. Our Facebook Ads experts are equipped with the best practices and stay updated on upcoming trends to help you achieve your goals using the right tools.

As a certified Facebook Ads agency, we are recognised as one of the top advertisers in the UK, having successfully launched over 200 Facebook Ads campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Connecting generations

Facebook Ads provides highly effective targeting capabilities with its priority data, allowing you to precisely reach your prospective clients based on region, preferences, gender, age, and interests. It is through this channel that audiences discover new brands and products. With Facebook Ads, you can benefit from a qualified audience while maintaining control over your costs.

You can also utilise Facebook advertising for retargeting purposes. Regardless of your business, our Facebook Ads agency highly recommends this essential tool. Whether your goal is lead generation, boosting your online reputation, driving website traffic, increasing sales, or enhancing engagement, the platform offers tailored campaigns to meet your specific needs.

facebook ads le réseau générationnel

Our Commitment

  • Expertise

    Since 2010, we have worked with over 2000 clients across 90 countries.

  • Passion

    We are a team of passionate, industry-focused individuals who are committed to your success.

  • Performance

    We’re committed to implementing a data-driven strategy, making a real impact on your bottom line by providing avenues for growth.


Any questions?

To use Facebook Ads as an advertiser, you need to access the Business Manager, specifically the Ad Manager. It is through the Ad Manager that you can create campaigns and advertisements.

Configuring your Business Manager is crucial to ensure the correct currency and time zone settings. Additionally, you need to integrate a pixel into your website or application to track important user actions, such as newsletter sign-ups or adding items to the basket. This allows you to target relevant users through Facebook Ads.

Your ads will appear in the user’s Facebook news feed, Messenger inbox, or even on Instagram seamlessly.

To save time and maximise the opportunities provided by this platform, it is highly recommended to enlist the expertise of a Facebook advertising agency… like ours!

To run paid campaigns on Instagram, you need to use Facebook Ads, regardless of the format. Instagram offers various advertising formats such as photos, videos, carousels, Instagram Stories, and Reels.

On Instagram, aesthetics and interaction play a vital role. To create effective advertisements on Instagram, it is essential to craft a compelling narrative, showcase visually appealing products, and consider collaborating with influencers.

To create an Instagram ad, you can access the Ads Manager. From there, you can set up a campaign, choose your objective, and define your target audience and ad placement. You will also set your budget, upload your visuals, and create engaging captions. You have the option to schedule your ads for later or launch them immediately.

You don’t need a budget with multiple zeros to get started with Facebook Ads. To test the platform, different ad formats, and various targeting options, a few hundred pounds will be sufficient.

However, if Facebook plays a crucial role in your marketing strategy and you rely on it to achieve your goals, it’s wise to have a specific monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget. Some clients may spend over 5K/month on Facebook Ads.

The advantage of this platform is that you can set a budget per campaign or per day.

One of the key metrics for tracking Facebook Ads is the CPC (Cost Per Click). It represents the price paid by the advertiser when a user clicks on the ad. On Facebook, the CPC typically ranges between 35p and over £3. The average CPC is approximately £1.70.

The cost per click on Facebook varies depending on several factors, including your industry, the quality of your content, advertising objectives, target audience, ad frequency, and the relevance score assigned by Facebook. To reduce it, it is advisable to conduct A/B testing (or utilise our A/B testing agency) to determine which ad performs the best.

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