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Google Analytics Agency

Unlock the full potential of your website’s data with Google Analytics. The platform provides valuable insights into user behaviour, origin, and conversions that are essential for daily analysis. Let our experts help you make the most of this information.

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optimisez votre stratégie avec google analytics
Google Analytics

Get accurate traffic analysis!

Google Analytics is the world’s most widely used web analytics solution. This free tool provided by Google gives you the key KPIs you need to better manage your website, analyse traffic, and optimise your content and acquisition strategy.

By setting up Google Analytics, you can understand user behaviour on your site, helping you tailor your strategy to achieve your goals.

« Using a web analytics tool like Google Analytics gives you valuable insights into your customers and helps optimise your conversion funnel for maximum profitability! »
Our Google Analytics Experts
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Google Analytics

The Benefits

  • User-Friendly

    Google Analytics is easy to set up and use, with an intuitive interface that’s simple yet effective. It’s even easier when you partner with a Google Analytics agency.

  • Functionality

    Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about your site, including visitor data and key metrics like time spent on page and bounce rate. With these insights, you can optimise your site and drive better results.

  • Details of your audience

    Google Analytics provides valuable insights into your audience, such as where your visitors come from, what devices they’re using, and why they leave your site. With this information, you can better understand the behaviour of your visitors and take steps to improve their experience.

  • Informed action

    By properly configuring Google Analytics, you can collect key data over time to make informed business decisions. This data-driven approach allows you to take action based on real insights and achieve better results.


Our approach:
the main steps

  • Step 1

    Needs assessment

    Before diving in, our team will conduct a thorough audit of your website and existing Google Analytics (if any). We’ll also have a conversation with you to understand your web analytics needs.

  • Step 2


    Next, our Google Analytics agency will go on to create your account or configure it, including tagging your site with tools like Google Tag Manager, to gather even more comprehensive data.

  • Step 3


    At each step, we’ll explain our methodology, its relevance and provide you with pertinent insights to enhance your action plan.

  • Step 4

    Measurement and improvement

    Finally, we offer complete dashboards with essential data via Google Data Studio. Over time, these can be expanded to meet your evolving needs.

Google Analytics

Key features

Google Analytics offers a wide range of features. Here are some of the most interesting ones!
  • Customisable dashboards

    While some general dashboards are available, you can modify and personalise them to display the most important KPIs for your needs.

  • Segmentation

    To gain detailed insights into specific audiences, you can define segments and analyse their behaviour.

  • Internal site search tracking

    If your website has an internal search engine, Google Analytics can track the searches to help you improve your site configuration and the information available on your homepage.

  • Social media tracking

    In addition to tracking data on your website, you can also monitor and analyse interactions associated with your content on social media.

  • Alerts

    You can receive an email or SMS alert in case of a problem on your site or when your goals are achieved.

  • Shortcuts

    Google Analytics offers the ability to create shortcuts to quickly access the information you need. This helps you access the data that matters most to you.


Our Commitment

  • Expertise

    Since 2010, we have worked with over 2000 clients across 90 countries.

  • Passion

    We are a team of passionate, industry-focused individuals who are committed to your success.

  • Performance

    We’re committed to implementing a data-driven strategy, making a real impact on your bottom line by providing avenues for growth.


Any questions?

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google for data analysis. The fact that the tool is free is one of the first advantages of the platform. It enables you to measure data from your websites and/or applications.

The data is collected automatically once the tool is configured. For optimal use, GA integrates with numerous other tools, which allows for consistency in your data.

Another advantage is the ability to understand visitor actions on your site, such as why they leave your site, their demographic profiles, or the most and least performing content, in order to implement a more optimal strategy.

In February 2022, CNIL announced that using Google Analytics was a violation of articles 44 and following of the GDPR. However, this only applies to a small number of publisher sites, and not directly to the Google Analytics tool itself.

Regardless, Google is considered a data processor for your website. The company has made some small adaptations to comply with the GDPR, such as allowing the removal of information on certain visitors and customisation of data retention periods.

Understanding who visits your site, where your users come from, and analysing your site’s performance are essential elements to make the most of your website and improve your marketing strategy.

However, configuring and managing a GA account requires some technical skills. To save time and make full use of the tool, it makes sense to turn to an agency.

By using the services of a Google Analytics agency, such as Eskimoz, expert consultants can analyse your visitor data and suggest optimisations for you.

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