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Google Data Studio Agency

Effective data visualisation has become essential for interpreting a large amount of information with ease. With our mastery of Google Data Studio, we offer a powerful tool that helps you obtain clear and understandable data!

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Boostez vos ventes avec Google data studio
Google Data Studio

Visualise your data

Google Data Studio is a free data visualisation tool offered by Google. Using charts and tables, each member of your team can collaborate and easily access the information they need.

With this tool, you can simultaneously process a large amount of data from sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, etc., and customise insights visually.

Using a Google Data Studio agency like Eskimoz can help you better visualise your data.

Partenaire Data studio
« Enjoy easy-to-read yet comprehensive dashboards and personalised reports thanks to Google Data Studio and its visually-appealing data! »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director
Google Data Studio

The benefits

  • Diverse data sources

    In addition to handling a large amount of data, Data Studio allows you to gather over 200 data sources in one tool.

  • Data visualisation

    With Google Data Studio, you can obtain unique and customised graphics, with the option to add clickable links and images.

  • Collaboration

    Our Google Data Studio agency will assist you in working with your teams in real time and sharing current insights with your colleagues with ease.

Google Data Studio

Key features

  • Data connectors

    The strength of Google Data Studio lies in its numerous data sources. Quickly get a Google Ads-dedicated dashboard or create a MySQL dashboard to track specific data from your database.

  • Data transformation

    For meaningful interpretation, it’s important to transform your raw data. Fortunately, Data Studio can convert dimensions and statistics into visually appealing elements. As a Google Data Studio agency, we can offer our expertise to help you make the most of this feature.

  • Data visualisation

    To make your data visually appealing, Data Studio offers multiple visualisation options as well as complete customisation of your reports and tables.

  • Sharing and collaboration

    With Data Studio, your data can be shared with a click (with various levels of rights). The best part? You can collaborate on a report in real-time with your clients and colleagues.


Our Approach to Google Data Studio

  • Defining objectives

    We’ll start by discussing your goals and objectives for the reports and the specific data you want to focus on.

  • Selecting sources

    Based on your needs, our Google Date Studio agency will carefully choose the appropriate data sources to ensure that you have access to those that are most important.

  • Adding widgets

    With Data Studio, there are no limits to the number of widgets you can add, but we select and implement the most essential ones for you.

  • Regular monitoring

    Once the reports are created, we’ll continuously monitor the data to ensure that it is displayed correctly and provides meaningful insights.


A Google Data Studio Agency

  • Expertise

    With dozens of experts across Europe, our teams are very well-equipped to interpret your data. Our experts are here to assist you in accurately interesting your data.

  • Pedagogy

    As experts in this visualisation tool, we’ll take the time to train you on its use.

  • Passion

    For over 10 years, our Google Data Studio agency has been 1000% committed to each of its clients while staying up-to-date with the best practices.


Any questions?

The first big advantage of Google Data Studio is it’s freely accessible to everyone without any financial cost. This web analytics tool enables anyone to bring their data to life and make it easier to read

This platform allows you to create a global dashboard or various reports based on your needs, such as a dedicated one for SEO, another for e-commerce KPIs, and another for content.

Data Studio easily connects to Google products (Google Analytics, Search Console), as well as third-party applications (such as social networks). Finally, the customisation of GDS makes it a unique tool that offers unlimited possibilities in terms of data visualisation.

To comply with GDPR, various mandatory fields must be completed within Google Data Studio, including the name of the company and the details of the Data Protection Officer, and each user must fill them in.

While it’s intended for marketing purposes, Google Data Studio gathers a large amount of data, so it’s crucial to ensure GDPR compliance, particularly with data hosted on your premises and accessible only by you.

While the tool is user-friendly and accessible to everyone, achieving accurate and comprehensive reports requires a certain level of technical knowledge. By partnering with a Google Data Studio agency like Eskimoz, you entrust the management and visualisation of your data to experts.

We gather key information for you through mixed data sources and create customised reports and dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

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