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Google Tag Manager Agency

Create a comprehensive tagging plan and gain accurate insights into every action of your website users! You’ll uncover valuable data about your customers’ behaviour and preferences thanks to Google Tag Manager.

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Google Tag Manager

A tool for collecting data

Google Tag Manager, or GTM for short, is a powerful tag management system by Google. It’s especially handy for e-commerce websites that want to track their visitors’ actions with ease.

Partnering with a Google Tag Manager agency gives you an edge in your marketing strategy. With detailed data insights, in addition to Google Analytics, you can effortlessly shape your future actions and decisions.

Google Tag Manager
« Harness the power of Google Tag Manager to gain a deep understanding of your customers’ behaviour and enhance your marketing efforts. »
Andréa Bensaid, Google Tag Manager Expert
Portrait Andréa Bensaïd Portrait Andréa Bensaïd

Unlimited and customised data

  • Track everything

    Google Tag Manager offers a high degree of customisation, allowing you to implement an unlimited number of tags and track whatever you want.

  • Centralised tags

    GTM is not only free, it’s also user-friendly and enables you to centralise all your tags in one place.

  • Collaborate easily

    With GTM, you can grant controlled access to multiple team members for testing or modifying tags, making collaboration a breeze.

GTM The key advantages!

  • Time and cost savings

    With GTM, you can create or modify tags anytime, saving you time and money.

  • Permanent history

    GTM keeps a history of all modifications made, allowing you to easily track changes with control versions.

  • Multiple uses

    You can use Google Tag Manager on a website, AMP site, or mobile app.

  • Predefined tags

    GTM offers a high level of customisation, but it also includes commonly used tags that are available out of the box.

  • Google Analytics

    Tracking the User ID on Google Analytics can be complicated, but GTM provides more precise data for each user.

Google Tag Manager Agency

Ongoing support

  • Step 1

    Understanding your needs

    Before taking control of your Google Tag Manager or creating a new one, we’ll discuss your challenges and goals with you to ensure we understand what you need.

  • Step 2


    Based on our initial conversation about your requirements, our Google Tag Manager agency will select the key KPIs to track and propose a tagging plan that works for you.

  • Step 3


    We’ll take control of your Google Tag Manager and handle everything from configuring it, creating your data layer, customising triggers, and creating your tags to deploying your container.

  • Step 4


    As you continue to use the tool, we’ll provide training on Google Tag Manager, add new tags, and offer technical expertise as needed to help you optimise your results.


The international agency with expert GTM knowledge

  • Technical expertise

    Google Tag Manager can quickly become a headache due to its technical nature. Our experts are trained in this manager and understand all its terms and specificities.

  • Analytics expertise

    Eskimoz is a specialist web analytics agency with proficiency in Google Analytics. The use of GTM is essential and allows for a deeper analysis of data.

  • Tagging professionals

    No matter what you want to track, our Google Tag Manager agency will always find a way to do it in order to improve your conversion rates!


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Google Tag Manager enables precise tracking of all the traffic on your website or application. Whether you want to track the number of clicks on a specific product, the number of newsletter sign-ups, or the movement on a specific page, you can access this data.

With the help of a Google Tag Manager agency such as Eskimoz, which specialises in managing this tool, you can easily access more precise data and enhance your Google Analytics.

As a result, Google Tag Manager provides valuable information to your marketing teams, who can make informed decisions for your website, social media strategy, or content strategy.

Despite its user-friendly interface, Google Tag Manager can quickly become technical when it comes to tracking complex data.

Your focus is on analysing data and your marketing strategy is paramount. By entrusting the management of GTM to a specialised agency, you can save time and benefit from expert advice, which will help you measure accurate statistics and improve your conversion rates on a daily basis.

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