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Scale up with an International Adwords agency

No matter where you plan to expand, put your trust in Eskimoz to manage and optimise your campaigns for maximum return on ad spend. Our focus is on delivering high-quality campaigns that drive results.

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An international perspective

As an International Adwords agency, Eskimoz has the resources to support your SEA projects globally, with a presence in the five major European countries (France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain).

Our experts in each of these countries have a deep understanding of their respective markets and can help you develop strategies that take into account the specificities of each region, resulting in highly effective campaigns.

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Google Premier Partner

Thanks to our Adwords expertise, Eskimoz is a Google-approved, internationally recognised Adwords agency. Our experts maintain ongoing communication with Google teams to stay up-to-date with the latest tool updates, test new features in advance, and incorporate best practices into our work.

This enables us to provide you with precise support while sharing our deep Adwords expertise with you. Our teams will provide you with continuous training to help you become proficient in using Google Adwords.

« As the world’s top search engine, Google’s Adwords platform provides a powerful tool for acquiring new customers and promoting your products and services globally while maintaining control over acquisition costs across different markets. »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director

Continuous monitoring

  • Step 1


    We’ll segment all your campaigns by products, categories, services, languages, and countries to gain a precise understanding of your KPIs and adjust your CPC accordingly.

  • Step 2


    If some of your campaigns are more successful than others, we will call upon our translators to replicate this success in other markets. Your ads and keywords will always be adapted!

  • Step 3


    When launching your international Adwords campaigns, it’s essential to target your audience precisely to obtain the most qualified leads.

  • Step 4


    New markets often involve currencies different from the euro, which fluctuate regularly. We’ll continually verify your shopping feeds, price extensions, and CPCs.

  • Step 5


    With our Adwords campaigns, you’ll be advertising at different times of the day. Our international Adwords agency takes care of planning your campaigns so they go live at the most relevant times for your markets.


Your International Adwords agency

Eskimoz is an expert International Adwords agency that helps numerous clients boost their visibility and grow their businesses overseas. What sets us apart?

  • Expertise

    With over a decade of experience, Eskimoz has evolved in sync with the changes in search engines and acquisition channels. Today, we have a team of dozens of experts across Europe.

  • Passion

    Our team of experts is highly passionate about their expertise, which is a key factor in our recruitment process. They are dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction and supporting you every step of the way towards achieving business-oriented results.

  • Transparency

    We believe in transparent communication and collaboration with our clients, keeping you informed about progress, optimisations, and results, to foster an authentic and trusting relationship.


Any questions?

Google Ads is the new name for Google Adwords. This platform has been around for over 20 years now, allowing millions of advertisers to display ads at any time on a wide network.

To launch your first campaigns, you need to create an account. Then comes the tool handling and the creation of campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Some configurations must also be made to define your audiences, formats, bids, etc.

Google Ads allows you to schedule campaigns so that they are only displayed during a specific period. For maximum use of the tool and effective management of your Adwords International campaigns, it is highly recommended to use an Adwords International agency like Eskimoz.

Creating a Google Adwords advertisement can quickly become a repetitive task. Each campaign follows the same steps. After logging into your account, you must choose the campaign objective. Then comes the choice of campaign type. You must then decide between Display, Local, Video, Shopping, and so on.

Each campaign has its specificities. You will need to define the parameters of the campaign, such as budget, targeting, bids, extensions, and configure your ad groups to finalise the creation of your advertisement.

Before launching your Adwords campaigns internationally, it is essential to set the budget you want to allocate to this acquisition lever. From experience, many companies allocate a minimum budget of £3,000.

This budget is likely to vary throughout the year depending on your industry, the keywords you choose, or the amount of bids.

Note that in addition to the budget you are willing to spend, you must also take into account that a percentage of your budget will serve to pay the agency that accompanies you.

For optimisation of your SEA costs and Search performance, you can turn to a Google Adwords agency such as Eskimoz.

The CPC for each Adwords campaign varies based on different factors such as your industry, keyword competition, and the quality of your ads.

As a rough guide, the average CPC for the search network is between £1 and £2, while for the Display network, the CPC is usually less than £1.

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