Increasing Organic Traffic & Revenue

Discover how Eskimoz helped Just Shades transform its SEO and PPC, increasing organic traffic and revenue.

After 1 year Results

  • +475%

    keywords in Top 1-3

  • 264%

    increase in organic traffic

  • +103%

    organic revenue

The Challenge

When Just Shades came to us, there were limited to under 1500 ranking keywords, with only 9% being in the TOP 3 positions.

To improve the organic visibility and traffic on the Just Shades service pages, we looked at targeting their collection pages. We saw a huge opportunity to add an influx of rich content to these pages.

On the technical front, on of the major issues faced was internal linking. Due to the CMS’s way of working, there was a multiplication of product page urls that present in the internal linking but canonicalised/ The original product pages were actually orphan pages, thus causing issues (not receiving link juice, more difficult to access for the bots…).

Our Solution

When our team began working on this content strategy for Just Shades, they ensured these pages were well-optimised, as well as our content and SEO team looked to see if we were targeting the correct keywords.

Luckily, our content team was able to successfully implement an excellent strategy to target keywords with high ROI – with examples such as ‘drum lampshades’, ‘chandelier lamp shades’ and ‘bell shaped lamp shades’.

Working closely with the dev team on the client’s side, our team recommended to review the internal linking and work around the CMS to reinstate the original product pages across the internal linking. This has had a massive impact on the website as a whole, providing more clarity to the bots as well as allowing the original product pages to successfully gain more keywords. This fix has also benefited the PPC strategy.

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