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Succeed with a Pinterest Ads Agency

Inspire an audience in search of new trends and increase your sales with high-performing campaigns that are optimised for conversions!

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Pinterest Ads

Maximising Your ROAS

As YouTube is to video, Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where the quality of content is key.

Each month, 440 million users worldwide visit this platform to discover, shop, and curate their personal boards.

With its diverse ad formats and precise targeting options, Pinterest has become an indispensable tool for any digital marketing strategy, especially in the fashion and home decor industries. Working with a Pinterest Ads agency can help you increase your visibility, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately boost sales.

« With engaged and intentional users, Pinterest is a powerful acquisition lever to inspire and grow your revenue. »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director

An Intentional Audience

Pinterest, a social network built on inspiration, has evolved to offer various e-commerce features over time. By positioning yourself on Pinterest, you will discover an audience that is different from others – intentional and ready to make purchases from simple images or videos.

This social network is a go-to for users who are continuously looking for new ideas and discovering new brands and products. When they conduct searches, purchasing becomes the logical next step. With different targeting options, you can easily integrate yourself into users’ buying journeys.

Using a Pinterest Ads agency is vital to increasing visibility, boosting sales, or driving traffic acquisition. It’s a lever that you can activate to inspire users and multiply your revenue.


An Ultra-Qualified Audience

  • Target multiple audiences

    One of the strengths of this social network is its numerous targeting options. They allow you to reach different customers based on their interests, demographic criteria, and keywords!

  • Maximise engagement

    On Pinterest, 80% of users plan to purchase new products within the next six months. This makes it a great digital lever to activate to get your products and brand known.

  • Boost your traffic

    With the pin system, you can easily redirect Pinterest users to your website and show them more of your products and your brand universe.

  • Increase your sales

    Pinterest’s Shopping features allow users to make direct purchases within the search results without leaving the platform. This simple process removes certain frustrations.

Our objective?

Maximising your ROI!

To ensure your campaigns’ success, our Pinterest Ads agency has developed a strategic methodology that maximises your ROAS. The first step is to analyse and understand your target audience, as well as your advertising objectives.
  • Targeting

    We’ll then fine-tune audiences for each campaign, such as acquisition, awareness, conversion, and remarketing.
  • Creation

    Our teams of art directors and copywriters create multiple visuals and search for the best hooks to boost your conversions.
  • A/B testing

    To achieve optimised results, we’ll continuously test hooks, audiences, and visuals to find the most effective combination!
  • Iteration

    Throughout the diffusion of your Pinterest Ads campaigns, we pilot and optimise your ads with an ROI-driven approach.

A variety of formats!

pinterest ads des formats varies
  • Pins and static ads:

    a fixed format that showcases a specific image.

  • Pins and video ads:

    the same size as a static pin, these formats showcase animated content.

  • Carousel ads and pins:

    here, several products and several images are featured. The user is invited to scroll through the various content to discover more.

  • Shopping ads:

    a format 100% dedicated to e-commerce, users can purchase the featured product.

  • Collections ads and pins:

    a main photo is displayed on Pinterest and is accompanied by three smaller images.

  • Idea pins:

    in this format, videos, images, and lists are mixed within a single pin.


Our philosophy

  • Expertise

    Our teams have mastered Pinterest Ads as an acquisition channel, with over 200 campaigns launched and several million euros generated.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about digital and all the tools to be integrated into an effective digital marketing strategy. Our commitment makes a difference in your results!

  • Pedagogy

    By working with a Pinterest Ads agency like Eskimoz, our teams regularly inform you about the progress of campaigns and provide advice to better understand the platform!


Pinterest Ads Partner

Our Pinterest Ads agency works closely with the Pinterest team, so our experts are always up to date with the latest trends, formats and features to apply. Over the years, our team has developed extensive experience helping businesses achieve optimal performance.

By partnering with Eskimoz, you can be confident that you are investing in a dedicated team committed to optimising your campaigns to meet your objectives.


Any questions?

To start using Pinterest Ads, simply create a professional account and launch your first ads to grow your business. Regardless of the size of your company, Pinterest caters to the needs of all businesses and industries.

With a Pinterest Ads agency, you can enhance your brand awareness, increase your revenue, drive traffic to your website, or simply boost your online visibility.

Creating advertising campaigns on Pinterest Ads involves four essential steps:

  • Choosing the ad format: Pinterest offers several advertising formats, each with specific conditions.
  • Defining your objective: Want to sell? Generate traffic? Encourage downloads? Increase views on a video? Pinterest can meet your needs!
  • Targeting your customers: With various advertising targeting options, you can continuously refine your targets to reach the desired audience.
  • Setting your budget: Advertising requires a budget. On Pinterest, you can choose a daily budget to spend, a global budget, and specify the bid you are willing to pay.

Launching an advertising campaign on Pinterest Ads does not require a budget of several millions. However, to be aware of the performance of this channel and explore the various advertising options, we recommend a budget of at least £2,000.

The allocated budget for Pinterest Ads can be adjusted throughout the year based on various criteria such as the season or your events (e.g., product launches).

By being present on Pinterest regularly, you can enter the platform’s users’ habits and create recurrence!

On Pinterest, you can set a CPM per bid, which means you define the maximum amount you are willing to pay for 1000 impressions or for a user to perform a specific action based on your advertising objective.

For traffic and engagement campaigns, the average CPC ranges from 10p to £1.50. For brand awareness, the average CPM ranges from £2 to £5.

The CPC also varies depending on your targeting criteria, such as keywords, interests, or demographic criteria.

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