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Trust in our experts for your PPC audit

One of our PPC experts will conduct a full analysis of your PPC campaigns (Search, Shopping, Display, and Remarketing). Our free audit includes a review of your keywords, adverts, competition, audience, and more. Find out how to optimise your campaign’s performance and achieve better results.

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PPC Audit

It’s free and comprehensive!

Reviewing your PPC campaigns (Google Ads and Bing Ads) is crucial, and a free audit from Eskimoz can help. One of our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your campaigns and help them reach their full potential, examining over 90 indicators that cover quality score, adverts, targeting, keyword typology, and more.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your PPC campaigns, along with personalised recommendations that you can implement quickly. We’ll also ensure that you’re using the latest Google updates and that your account is correctly configured.

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The Eskimoz Method

PPC Audit

When you entrust us with a free PPC audit, we follow a multi-step methodology. We’ll begin with a discussion with you to understand your needs and objectives and provide you with the best expertise.

  • Step 1

    Account Analysis

    We’ll examine the structure of your accounts and focus on specific points like Quality Score, click-through rate, ad format, etc. Our goal is to identify any issues and see how we can improve them.

  • Step 2

    Google Shopping

    If you’re an e-commerce business, we’ll review your Google Shopping configuration and ensure that your feeds are optimised.

  • Step 3


    Next, we’ll determine if your audiences are correctly configured and if you’re using the right audience types to match your objectives.

  • Step 4


    Attribution modelling helps determine which marketing channel receives credit for a conversion. We’ll then verify the tracking of your campaigns, your tracking plan, and the accurate transfer of data to your analytics tools.

  • Step 5


    There are several features that let you automate campaign management. Are you using them? If so, are you doing so correctly?

  • Step 6


    Your PPC strategy often works hand-in-hand with other levers like Social Ads, programmatic advertising, etc. We’ll analyse the synergies within your marketing strategy more broadly.

« A comprehensive PPC audit enables us to determine the health of your account and provide fresh insight into your ongoing actions. Take advantage of our expert advice and recommendations to maximise your PPC efforts and deliver ROI-driven campaigns. »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director

Google Partner Premier

All our PPC consultants are certified by Google. Eskimoz is a Google Partner Premier agency. Our experts are in regular contact with Google’s teams, giving us access to the latest updates and trends, as well as best practices. By choosing Eskimoz for your PPC audit, you’re sure to receive the best expertise.


The Expert PPC Agency

  • Expertise

    With more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, our agency has expert knowledge of PPC and all its intricacies!

  • Pedagogy

    Our strength lies in our in-depth knowledge of the various PPC levers. We can provide you with a concrete action plan to quickly optimise your PPC strategy.

  • Transparency

    We’ll offer you a comprehensive report on your PPC strategy and conduct a one-hour consultation with you, highlighting the key information that needs to be implemented.


Any questions?

Paid search advertising, also known as PPC, is a marketing tool that is often used in conjunction with an organic search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.
PPC consists of creating and optimising advertising campaigns on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…). The ads displayed are based on specific keywords. In order to appear on a query, you have to decide on your bid (i.e. the price you are willing to pay). With PPC, a company can place itself among the first search results and benefit from additional visibility over the competition, generating more business opportunities.

During a new collaboration, an PPC audit allows you to take stock of what has been done and what is currently being done. The analysis determines any possible optimisations and assists in resolving any issues.

An PPC audit takes time. We’ll need to have access to all the accounts you’re using, and analyse all the ads that have been distributed as well as the account settings over a certain period of time.

A good PPC audit must be personalised to be as comprehensive as possible. At Eskimoz, our consultants take care of this personally, so there is no automation involved. During the audit, you’ll gain valuable insights into conversion tracking, remarketing strategies, keywords, average position, quality score, and most importantly, recommendations for optimising your PPC strategy, including the latest Google Ads updates.

To conduct an PPC audit and eventually entrust someone with the management of your PPC strategy, you need to select the right partner. With numerous Google Ads agencies in the market, choosing the right one can be challenging.

Here are a few criteria to simplify the selection process. Firstly, ensure that the Google Ads agency is certified as a Google Partner. You should also look up the reviews of the company. Equally important is how you feel about the agency, so during your discussions with an agency, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind to gauge their response. Ensure that a dedicated account manager is assigned to you for seamless communication in case of questions or updates.

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