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Succeed with a Snapchat Ads Agency

Develop an acquisition and visibility strategy on one of the most popular platforms among young people and benefit from an ultra-targeted and engaged audience.

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développez vos ventes grâce a snapchat ads

Snapchat Ads Grow your brand significantly

Snapchat boasts over 315 million users, 82% of whom are aged 13 to 34, so it’s the ideal app to integrate into your growth strategy if you want to target Millennials and boost your visibility and sales.

The platform is used to communicate with friends and family, but it is also a space for creation and entertainment, upon which brands can establish themselves through media.

To generate traffic, make your brand and products known, or develop a community, our Snapchat Ads Agency can help to make Snapchat an integral part of your strategy.


Speaking their language

Snapchat offers varied, creative, and innovative content to its users, who spend an average of 50 minutes a day on the app. With numerous picture and video filters to entertain their audience, while providing a touch of seriousness through the Discover tab, intended for various media outlets.

Finding your feet on Snapchat requires an understanding of its fairly young audience and an awareness of the platform’s various dynamic and creative trends. Make use of a Snapchat Ads Agency to accompany you in integrating this platform into your advertising campaigns.

« Increase awareness of your brand among a young, engaged audience open to new shopping and entertainment experiences »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director

A niche and engaged target audience!

  • Capturing attention

    Snapchat offers the possibility to mix photos, videos, texts, and audio to capture the attention of internet users in just a few seconds.

  • Audience engagement

    Users engage more on this platform, with a click-through rate (swipe up) 5 times higher than on other networks.

  • Audio

    While sound is not always an important element in advertising, on Snapchat, more than half of the ads are played with sound!

  • High purchase intent

    Snapchat has rolled out many e-commerce features, and purchase intent is twice as high after seeing an ad on the platform.


Create, test, iterate

  • Audit

    The first step is to analyse your Snapchat Ads account, as well as your goals, needs, and the approach of some of your competitors to get a full understanding of your Snapchat Ads strategy!
  • Creation

    Our Snapchat Ads Agency then works on creating impactful visuals and wording to capture users’ attention in just a few seconds.
  • A/B Testing

    Once the visuals are approved, we’ll test various parameters according to your goals, with different audiences, formats, and budgets, in a test-and-learn approach.
  • Iteration

    We’ll manage and optimise your campaigns on a daily basis with a view to reducing your acquisition costs while maximising your performance.

Change up the format to reach your goal!

  • Snap Ads

    The classic advertising format on Snapchat. Taking the form of photos or videos, the ad lasts a maximum of 10 seconds, and the user is invited to take action.

  • Story Ads

    In the form of 3 to 20 photo or video stories, the user sees the Story Ads between content or in the Discover section.

  • Collection Ads

    Dedicated to e-commerce, Collection Ads highlight several products and allow users to easily move from the search stage to the purchase stage.

  • Dynamic Ads

    This format automates ad creation while optimising the actions that can be taken in order to offer a personalised and attractive shopping experience!

  • Filters and Lenses

    The strength of Snapchat lies in its numerous filters. As a brand, you can create your own filter or lens and give users the opportunity to play with augmented reality!

  • Commercial Ads

    This advertising format is non-skippable for the first six seconds and can last up to 3 minutes. Commercials appear in content selected by Snapchat.


Snapchat Marketing Partner

As a Snapchat Ads Agency, our teams work closely with Snapchat.

Our experts are trained regularly and made aware of new trends and best practices to use. They then use their knowledge for your advertising campaigns to maximise your ROAS.


The specialist Snapchat Ads Agency

  • Expertise

    Thanks to the expert consultants at our Snapchat Ads Agency, we have assisted all manner of clients in their Snapchat advertising campaigns and optimised them for better results.

  • Passionate team

    Our teams are passionate about the industry, and your dedicated Snapchat Ads consultants know the platform inside out.

  • Pedagogy

    Our Snapchat Ads Agency optimises your campaigns while keeping in regular contact with you, giving you full transparency about how our approach is working.


Any questions?

Snapchat Ads is a vital advertising solution for your marketing strategy if you want to reach a young audience while being creative.

Through this tool, you can meet your different objectives such as conversion, video views, lead generation, app installs, engagement, or awareness. Whatever your objectives, Snapchat Ads offers a dedicated and engaging advertising format!

To distribute your first ads on Snapchat Ads, you must first create an account on Snapchat Ads Manager. For more accurate results, our Snapchat Ads Agency advises you to install the Snap Pixel on your site or application to measure visits and sales generated.

Next, Snapchat can apply settings automatically to your campaigns (Instant Create), or you can choose them yourself with the Advanced Create option. The next step is to choose your ad format (Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads, Lenses, or Commercials), your audience, and your budget, then add the associated creations and choose the distribution period!

As with other social networks, Snapchat imposes a minimum daily budget of £5 and Snap Ads have a monthly budget of at least £3,000. For Snapchat Discover Ads, the budget starts from £50,000 per day. For a sponsored lens, depending on the day of the week and the time of year, the price varies between £450,000 and £700,000 per day!

Ads are billed on a CPM basis, but Snapchat also allows you to set a maximum bid for when a user takes a particular action. This option is available for ‘swipe up’, app installs, and impressions.

n the case of a specific action, such as a swipe up, Snapchat recommends placing a bid between £1 and £3, and then adjusting the bid based on ad performance.

Due to a smaller number of advertisers, Snapchat benefits from attractive acquisition costs, with a cost per impression below £3 and a CPC that, depending on the campaigns, can cost just a few pence and rarely exceeds a pound.

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