Increasing Brand & Non-Brand Organic Traffic

Discover how Eskimoz helped ambitious start-up, HERO, increase both Brand and Non-Brand Organic Traffic.

The Client

HERO, now acquired by Klarna, started when one of the founders was left on hold to a bookshop whilst browsing their website. Local businesses were harnessing WhatsApp to engage customers and this led the founder to wonder why he couldn’t just text the store what he was looking for.

The Challenge

When HERO approached our team at Eskimoz, they were a small but ambitious and rapidly growing start-up. They wanted to accelerate their growth as they expanded, but had no organic presence to the point where they weren’t even appearing for their own brand name. To make matters worse, their ad campaigns were not properly optimised, with low budgets, failing to make a good return on investment for the business.

Our Solution

Our first step was to revitalise the HERO website to make it more SEO friendly. Eskimoz specialists quickly established that the website was built on a custom JavaScript framework, but for the sake of SEO efficiency, it made sense to rebuild this on WordPress, whose HTML framework is better optimised for SEO.

We worked closely alongside HERO’s talented team of designers who produced outstanding, detailed designs that our own experts then built and implemented. In this way, we were able to tackle some serious development challenges that were holding HERO back, including:

  • Custom contact forms with HubSpot integration enabling pre-filling the country selection based on location, and delivery of lead magnets post form completion.
  • Multi-lingual website, including in Italian and Japanese, that automatically redirected to the correct language based on browser language settings.
  • Integration with their Greenhouse job board.
  • Implementation of multiple animation and clever design features.

Working alongside our developers, our SEO team developed a clear keyword strategy – overcoming the challenges of targeting keywords for a product that was yet to be clearly named. Focusing on high-value keywords such as “virtual store” and “virtual shopping”, we were able to elevate HERO to position 1 in the SERPs, significantly increasing their lacklustre organic traffic. Our HubSpot integration meant we could track the qualified leads we were generating from this.

The next step was effective, SEO-friendly content based on the strategy our SEO specialists had developed. Eskimoz content teams produced this, working closely with our developers to ensure seamless integration with the HERO website and maximum optimisation.

Alongside our SEO strategy, we also developed a robust paid ad strategy, implementing campaigns across Google and LinkedIn and supporting HERO’s transition to HubSpot for enhanced lead scoring and tracking. Using a more selective keyword strategy and working closely with HERO’s internal design team, we were able to effectively target their target audiences.

With effective SEO and paid ads strategies now in place, Eskimoz were, over time, able to get HERO to rank for their brand keywords alongside non-brand keywords – which unusually for SEO presented more of a challenge as the name “HERO” has many meanings and existing results.

After 1 year Results

  • 11,500

    keywords with visibility

  • 1st

    place on non-brand target keywords

  • 1st

    page on brand keywords

Our Results

Eskimoz work with HERO was able to support their growth at a time of increased expansion for the company, delivering significant new business through generating qualified leads, with key results including:

  • 11,500 keywords with visibility
  • 1st place on non-brand target keywords
  • 1st page on brand keywords
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