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Creating your Twitter Ads strategy to generate engagement, boost brand awareness, and encourage your audience to take the actions you desire!

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Twitter Ads

your voice

There are 217 million daily active users on Twitter. The blue bird social network is an engagement engine, thanks to its ease of interaction. Implementing a paid strategy on Twitter allows any business to amplify its voice, develop a strong connection with its community, and even boost app downloads!

An added benefit is that the acquisition costs on the platform are more favourable than on Facebook or Instagram Ads. Entrust the management of your advertising campaigns to a Twitter Ads agency like Eskimoz and develop your business opportunities with a powerful tool.


An engaged audience

The microblogging platform has its own advertising agency. You have the ability to reach thousands of people with a single tweet.

In both B2B and B2C, Twitter facilitates the connection between brands and their audiences. Thanks to the numerous targeting options and formats available, this tool gives you the means to reach the right people at the right time.

Your account’s visibility accelerates while you control your acquisition costs, and your brand benefits from increased traffic, new leads, and even sales!

« Twitter Ads gives you the opportunity to boost your visibility among an active and engaged audience. »
Johnny Craston – PPC Director
Twitter Ads

A valuable tool

  • Popularity

    While Twitter may seem like a niche network, there are a large number of users who regularly use the platform, with over 504 million tweets published every day.

  • Segmentation

    To differentiate yourself from the rest, Twitter Ads offers numerous segmentation criteria. The use of hashtags also offers the potential for going viral.

  • Accessibility

    Due to a lack of investment, many brands tend to favour Facebook Ads. Therefore, Twitter Ads is an accessible lever with reasonable acquisition costs.

Our Methodology

Effective campaigns

  • Step 1

    Defining needs

    We’ll plan an initial meeting to understand your use of Twitter, your objectives for this lever and your vision. Our Twitter Ads agency then offers a comprehensive strategy to meet your needs!

  • Step 2

    Set up

    We’ll take control of your Twitter account to set up and manage advertising and budgets easily.

  • Step 3

    Content creation

    Our creative teams will take care of creating your visuals and texts to offer original and engaging content.

  • Step 4


    We’ll make regular changes to campaigns and ads in circulation to maximise your ROI while reducing acquisition costs.

  • Step 5


    We provide you with a complete performance report (spending and results), and with one click, you can access key campaign results, conversion rates and any improvements to be made.

Twitter Ads Multiple Ad Formats

  • Promoted Tweets

    Whether you want to promote a product, service, or news, Promoted Tweets can amplify your message in a native way that feels less intrusive.

  • Promoted Accounts

    This format promotes your account to a targeted audience to increase your visibility and attract new followers, with a Follow button integrated into your ad.

  • Promoted Trends

    Twitter is all about the latest news and trends. With this format, you can easily join in on the daily trends and have your hashtag appear at the top of the Trends list.

  • Twitter Amplify

    Reach more viewers with premium video content. Your ad appears as a pre-roll before certain categories of content, or you can choose to partner with a publisher.

  • Twitter Takeover

    Get prime ad placement and wider reach with this format. Your ad will be at the forefront of conversations or next to trending topics.


We’re a certified agency!

At Eskimoz, we work closely with Twitter’s teams. Our experts benefit from the best advice, access to features in advance, and good practices.

Working with our Twitter Ads agency gives you all the answers to your questions and helps you stay ahead of your advertising campaigns.


The Twitter Ads Agency

  • Expertise

    No matter your industry or company size, our Twitter Ads agency can help you optimise your social ads strategy with our expertise.

  • Passion

    At Eskimoz, passion is our driving force. Each of our experts is passionate about their speciality and is 100% dedicated to each and every client.

  • Education

    Throughout our partnership, we’ll provide transparent guidance on using Twitter Ads and best practices to help you become more proficient.


Any questions?

To use Twitter Ads, you need to create a Twitter Ads account. This will be linked to a username, so be careful when choosing one.

Before you start advertising, it’s helpful to see how your competitors use the social network and their level of interaction. This gives you ideas and helps you determine your goals on Twitter.

Next, you need to have an idea of the audience you want to reach (age, gender, city, interests, etc.). Once you have a clear idea, you can get started! Getting help from a Twitter Ads agency saves you time and provides the expertise to get started with this tool.

Before launching your first Twitter campaign, you should optimise your Twitter profile (profile picture, bio, site URL, etc.). Then, choose your objective (awareness, consideration, or conversion). You’ll then need to set up your campaign by setting the budget, name, and duration.

The next part involves creating your ads (text, videos, photos, CTA). Finally, you can segment and target your audience to reach your desired audience.

On Twitter, you have the freedom to set your own budget. Unlike other social media platforms, there is no minimum amount required. You can choose to set a daily budget, a total campaign budget, or a budget for a group of ads to limit your expenses.

Billing is based on the campaign objective and a billable action (such as a subscription, click, retweet, or video view).

Twitter Ads is not the most commonly used advertising channel for brands, resulting in a relatively low average CPC of 0.38 dollars. The average CPM is 6.46 dollars per 1000 impressions.

Like on other platforms, acquiring followers (which is not necessarily recommended) can cost over £2.

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