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Web Copywriting Agency:
Creating Engaging and Optimised Content

Eskimoz can help you produce valuable, consistent content while optimising it for search engine algorithms.

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Our standards

Captivating and informative content

Did you know that 70% of consumers prefer to explore a brand through unique and imaginative content? This statistic emphasises the significance of a refined content strategy that offers genuine value to users.

Whether it’s a catchy tagline, a captivating blog article, or an informative whitepaper, your texts should be meticulously crafted to provide readers with added value while also being search engine-friendly. At our web copywriting agency, we use our mastery of semantics to ensure your texts are optimised and meet your requirements. We apply three key criteria to all our texts to ensure top-notch quality content:

  • Attraction

    Your articles will be handled by specialists who’ll delve into the topics to captivate readers’ desire and pique their interest.

  • Information

    The content we cover is meticulously researched in collaboration with our editorial team to provide relevant and accurate information.

  • Structuring

    Each text is carefully structured to ensure precise semantics, enabling search engines to grasp the subject matter effectively.

« “To stand out from the crowd and be more visible, producing quality content will help you get to the top of the search engine results.” »
Jules Chazot – Content Manager
Our methodology

Creating your content factory

Partnering with a web copywriting agency like Eskimoz ensures the establishment of your very own content production factory! We firmly believe that content marketing is pivotal to your success, and we excel at delivering top-notch content on a grand scale.

Creating a content factory enables the production of a vast quantity of content without compromising on quality. It comprises a team of content marketing specialists, including skilled web writers who meticulously adhere to your editorial guidelines and brand tone of voice, aligning perfectly with your brand image.

Our web copywriting agency follows a structured methodology consisting of five key steps:

  • Step 1

    Needs and resources assessment

    We’ll invest time to understand your market, challenges, and constraints in order to establish the most relevant content production system tailored to your marketing strategy.

  • Step 2

    Format selection

    Considering your brand identity, we’ll propose the most suitable format that aligns with your message and objectives.

  • Step 3

    Editorial calendar development

    We’ll assist you in creating an optimal editorial calendar that enables seamless projection and planning.

  • Step 4

    Alignment with marketing strategy

    The content we’ll create will align closely with your marketing strategy, serving your acquisition, conversion, and customer loyalty objectives.

  • Step 5

    Production and distribution

    The skilled writers at our web copywriting agency will produce your content while identifying channels that facilitate large-scale distribution.

Our approach

Optimised content

Creating articles or other content is a great starting point for your content marketing strategy. However, for your content to truly serve its purpose, such as boosting your visibility on search engines and establishing your expertise, it must be of a high quality and optimised for SEO.

Our expertise in SEO enables us to develop content that is fully optimised to enhance visibility on Google. We have internal tools that allow us to fine-tune various elements, including titles, headings (H2, H3), and keywords. Additionally, we use other tools to assess your site’s credibility and evaluate the quality of your texts in comparison to your competitors. By choosing Eskimoz as your web copywriting agency, you’ll reap the benefits of our expertise.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that while our objective is to provide SEO-optimised content, it should also be engaging and relevant to the reader’s queries. The structure and relevance of the content are essential factors for gaining prominence.

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Our expertise

We work in over 40 languages

One of Eskimoz’s key strengths as a web copywriting agency is our ability to write in more than 40 languages. Whether you’re targeting new markets or preparing for a product launch in a specific country, our skilled writers are here to assist you in creating and distributing the most relevant and tailored content, perfectly suited to your target markets.

agence rédaction web plus de 40 langues pour vos textes

Our commitment

  • Expertise

    With a track record of working with over 2000 clients across 90 countries since 2010, we have the precise expertise to address your needs.

  • Passion

    Our team consists of passionate individuals who stay updated on industry advancements. This ensures that you’ll be working with consultants fully dedicated to your success.

  • Performance

    As a web copywriting agency, we are committed to helping you achieve a solid return on investment through effective strategies that drive business growth.


Any questions?

Web copywriting has gained widespread popularity over the last 20 years. Simply put, it refers to the art of crafting editorial content specifically for the web, particularly for websites. Web copywriting encompasses two main aspects: writing standards (grammar, spelling) and the pillars of SEO.

The goal of web copywriting is to offer high-quality content that provides valuable information to readers while also appealing to search engines, thus securing a prominent position in search results.
Every day, countless questions are posed on search engines. To provide the best answers, search engines seek the most relevant content that adheres to the rules of natural referencing.

Some key examples of web copywriting include blog articles, adverts, landing pages, and product pages.

Web copywriting requires a deep understanding of your subjects and effective time management. Using the services of an expert web copywriting agency like Eskimoz means you can entrust your content strategy to seasoned web copywriting professionals.

From ideation to publication, we create highly impactful content for you, conduct thorough research, and excel at optimising your texts for easy reading by search engines and strong search engine rankings.

Moreover, a web copywriting agency can effortlessly deliver dozens of content pieces per week, thanks to its extensive network of skilled web writers. This saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on more critical tasks.

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