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Choose a WordPress SEO Agency to Take on Your Projects!

Improve the ranking of your WordPress website! From auditing to strategy, web design, and even training, the experts at Eskimoz are there to help you understand all the ins and outs of WordPress SEO.

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Confiez nous vos projets SEO sous WordPress

WordPress The Number 1 CMS

When it comes to creating a website, WordPress is the world’s leading CMS. From a simple blog all the way to an e-commerce site, or a showcase website… with WordPress, anything is possible.
WordPress offers a fairly straightforward onboarding experience thanks to its system of pages and articles. As it comes with a host of plugins, it is truly customisable. Setting up the modules is all done through WordPress as well, which is where things tend to get complicated.

When used incorrectly, WordPress or its plugins can cause various issues, poor search engine optimisation being one of them. Enlisting the support of a WordPress SEO agency is a great way to boost your website’s visibility on the search engines and to enjoy a well-rounded SEO strategy.

« Creating a website with WordPress allows you to manage and perfect your search engine optimisation. Many dedicated plugins will help you optimise your web pages’ SEO »
Eléonore Sablot – SEO Manager
Applying the Agile Method

Our WordPress SEO Projects

To carry out your WordPress SEO strategy, our experts rely on the Agile project management methodology. This places you at the heart of the project and allows us to be as flexible as your needs require.

  • Step 1

    Auditing the Market and Your Website

    At the start of our collaboration, our WordPress SEO agency performs an audit of your website to assess its health, the plugins it uses, or any change that could help to optimise your WordPress space. Then, we analyse your competition and identify the best way to make your online presence stand out.

  • Step 2

    Defining a Keyword Strategy

    Next, and depending on your objectives and industry, we determine which keywords are the most relevant to your search engine optimisation strategy. This allows us to pinpoint the most appropriate queries and to optimise your content, your internal linking, your website architecture, and your link building strategy.

  • Step 3

    Providing Support

    With these analyses out of the way, we move on to technical implementation by defining a comprehensive strategy, complete with WordPress optimisations and recommendations to help boost your website’s visibility on the search engines . Our SEO expert works alongside your teams to roll out your WordPress SEO strategy, with your content as a main focus.

  • Step 4

    Ongoing Monitoring & Reporting

    SEO is a long-term process. Once your WordPress SEO strategy has been implemented, our WordPress SEO agency measures your KPIs to assess the success of your efforts!


Key Figures

  • 40%

    of the world’s websites

    are powered by WordPress
  • 86%

    of WordPress websites

    run on WordPress 5.0
  • 65%

    of the CMS market share

    is held by WordPress

The Benefits

  • Ease of use

    Learning how to use WordPress doesn’t require any specific knowledge. If you’re looking to create a website, it’s a fairly intuitive tool.

  • Open-source

    WordPress is free to use. It also offers paid plans for professional websites.

  • Plugin variety

    If you’re looking for SEO plugins, you’re spoiled for choice! Yoast, WP Rocket, and, of course, AMP, Imagify, and more.

  • Customisation

    Between countless plugins available and WordPress’s basic settings, you get to design a unique website to reflect your company perfectly.

  • Community

    If you’re experiencing any issues, you can talk to the WordPress community and get help very easily! Be sure to call upon our WordPress SEO agency for immediate answers to your questions.

WordPress The Watch Points

Even though WordPress is the most widely used open-source CMS, there are a few downsides to choosing this tool. The first watch point is security. You might inadvertently install unofficial plugins that could pose a security threat to your website. In addition, WordPress is subject to regular updates. If you don’t update your website, the security may be impacted and issues could arise, for example, if your source code conflicts with your plugins.


Your WordPress SEO Agency

  • Education

    Throughout our collaboration, we will be training you in WordPress SEO. You can even take advantage of the courses from our Academy!

  • Expertise

    Our WordPress SEO agency masters all the ins and outs of search engine optimisation and dedicates experts to the management of your WordPress SEO strategy.

  • Passion

    Our team boasts over a hundred experts based everywhere in Europe. Their mission is to bring your WordPress SEO project to life. They are all passionate about their area of expertise and always up to date with the latest developments and best practices!


Any questions?

You’ve just created your website on WordPress and installed a few plugins to optimise your SEO? That’s great! Now, you may want to go further and develop a true WordPress SEO strategy. That’s where Eskimoz comes in. As an expert agency, we’re here to take your project to the next level.

We provide personalised support to help you reach your goals, along with technical WordPress expertise to avoid any security concerns!

WordPress may be easy to use for creating your website but optimising it for SEO requires some in-depth knowledge. Our WordPress SEO agency has it, and we use it to boost your search engine rankings. Entrusting this task to an agency frees up your time, so you can focus on other missions and on developing your company!

Despite the huge number of WordPress SEO plugins available, this CSM has some specificities that make it especially well suited to search engine optimisation.

Speed and security are two aspects of your website that are essential to your SEO strategy, since Google takes both of these criteria into account. You also need to select a high-quality host and choose the right cache management plugin.

Here’s a mini-WordPress SEO checklist to use as a reminder. You should always check

  • The structure of your URLs
  • Your search engine indexing
  • The addition of Alt tags to your images
  • The use of internal links in your articles
  • That you are using an SEO-optimised theme

Every CMS has its own set of characteristics. Which means that while the rules of SEO are universal, using a CMS requires adjustments to be made. To develop your visibility on the search engines through your articles and web pages, you must always consider the structure of your WordPress website, as well as the plugins it contains. This will allow you to roll out an optimal strategy from what’s already there. If any elements require modification, we’ll be there to discuss it with you and to explain why it matters from an SEO perspective.

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