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WordPress Website Maintenance: What You Need to Know

To ensure optimal performance, a website created on the WordPress CMS requires regular maintenance. Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your WordPress website.

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What is WordPress?

Let’s start with a quick reminder:

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) used for managing website content.

  • WordPress, the most popular CMS for:

    Creating code-free websites

    It’s used to create websites in a simplified manner, without the need for coding. Utilising this free tool grants access to its native functionalities, a builder for quick web page creation, themes for customising site appearance, and a library with over 55,000 extensions (plugins). It is also the most widely used CMS, with 40% of websites running on WordPress (source), giving it a dominant position.

  • Managing and maintaining a WordPress site:

    A daily challenge

    However, while creating a WordPress site is straightforward, daily management, maintenance, troubleshooting, and evolution can pose challenges. This requires grasping the intricacies of the tool and sometimes delving into code. Proper maintenance of a WordPress website is crucial for its optimal performance, sustained functionality, and overall enhancement.

Good to know

Similar to maintaining a building or a car, a WordPress site requires regular upkeep as an essential prerequisite for continued proper functioning. It necessitates regular updates, occasional fixes, and occasional enhancements to unlock its full potential. Effective WordPress website maintenance encompasses a range of actions. It could also be described as regular “monitoring” aimed at ensuring your WordPress site’s performance and longevity, and providing a consistently outstanding user experience while maximising security.


WordPress website maintenance is carried out to achieve the following:

  • Optimise its performance

    Regardless of the type of website (business showcase, multisite network, e-commerce platform), it needs to function smoothly, allowing users to access it at any time, navigate effortlessly, and complete desired actions. To accomplish this, maintaining its technical performance is essential.

  • Ensure security

    Maintaining a healthy WordPress site also reinforces its security at all levels: minimising the risk of hacking, safeguarding user data, preventing potential damage from malicious third parties, and more. User security is of paramount importance, especially with regards to the display of the HTTPS protocol and the protection of their financial information when making purchases on an e-commerce site.

  • Develop the site

    WordPress website maintenance also serves to enhance and expand the site: adding new features, optimising the user experience, adapting the design to reflect the company’s refreshed branding, and more. These objectives are accomplished through updates, fixes, optimisation techniques, and other measures. In short, all WordPress websites require effective maintenance!


Maintenance operations

Okay, so now you understand the importance of WordPress website maintenance. But what specific tasks are involved? How can a service provider intervene to preserve/optimise performance, ensure security, and improve a WordPress site?

Let’s explore the possibilities within the context of regular maintenance.


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance for a WordPress website involves taking proactive measures to prevent future issues. This includes keeping your WordPress site up to date as needed. These updates may involve:

  • The core CMS

  • Themes

  • Plugins

  • Third-party scripts


Security maintenance

As the name suggests, security-focused maintenance for a WordPress website involves ensuring that all security measures are in place and up to date.

It’s important to recognise that there are numerous security vulnerabilities, and hackers employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to carry out their malicious activities. Therefore, it’s essential to update security components such as the CMS, extensions, themes, and the servers hosting the site. Additionally, regularly changing user passwords is crucial to prevent unauthorised access.


Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance for a WordPress website aims to address day-to-day bugs that hinder website performance, ensure the proper functioning of applications, and resolve any technical or usability issues. The goal is to ensure that the site operates smoothly and reliably at all times.


Evolutionary maintenance

Like any other web platform, a WordPress site needs to evolve regularly to adapt to technical and security requirements, user behaviour, and the evolving needs of your business.

This may involve creating new, more complex pages, adding functionality, optimising performance (such as faster page loading and improved overall usability), or updating content management by refreshing static pages. All these aspects are part of regular maintenance for a WordPress website!

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One-time maintenance

The aforementioned points are part of a long-term monitoring approach. However, it’s worth noting that maintenance for a WordPress website can also be carried out on an ad hoc basis, addressing specific and temporary needs. For instance, this could involve:

  • Assisting with site migration

  • Transitioning to a different hosting provider

  • Cleaning up a compromised site

  • Resolving a specific bug

  • Making design modifications

  • Optimising responsive display

  • Adding an SSL certificate to enable HTTPS protocol

  • Resolving technical issues

  • Ensuring compliance with new regulations

Going the extra mile

There may also be a need for more extensive modifications to your WordPress site, which require professional intervention. This includes updating editorial content, creating a multisite network, enriching textual or visual content, content creation, SEO, adding custom-developed functionality, and more.


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Entrusting the maintenance of your WordPress website to a web agency like Eskimoz (be it as a one-time or regular client) will provide you with numerous benefits, including:

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