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Change Your Approach to Optimisation – SEO Data

The millions of data points at our disposal give us a better understanding of search engine algorithms. Through an SEO Data-driven strategy, we can prioritise the actions that will have a direct impact on your performance and rationalise the deployment of your efforts and budget.

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Data seo Faites confiance aux données pour piloter votre stratégie SEO !

Data SEO Maximising Our Impact

At Eskimoz, we integrate SEO Data in all our SEO recommendations. We use data and machine learning to develop predictive tools that allow us to provide targeted, performance-oriented support. The vast quantity of data is processed in a clear, visual way, so our experts can make the most of it.

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SEO Data A Revolution

The principle behind using data for SEO purposes consists in appreciating the ranking criteria that allow a page to rank for a specific keyword. We’ve known it for years, the criteria that determine a page’s ranking vary based on the queries. Thanks to Data Science and Machine Learning, our tools give us an understanding of which criteria to prioritise according to the queries. Before this revolution, all SEO strategies looked similar. They can now adapt to every situation individually.

« Our approach to SEO will never be the same. Thanks to SEO Data, we can perform surgical actions that allow us to achieve results with greater certainty. »
Benoit Perrotin – Head of SEO
SEO Data

Our Tools

In addition to our consulting services, we provide our clients with proprietary tools developed by our own teams of Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers. One of our most prominent tools is Predictive Ranking, which outlines areas of improvement to prioritise to boost a website’s performance. To rationalise your link-building expenses, our Linkbuilding Assistant tool lets you know how many links you should get to reach the search results’ top 3 for a given keyword, along with a list of recommended media for publishing.

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Proprietary Tools

The Benefits

Thanks to the tools we develop in-house, our experts can provide support on every topic in the form of calibrated, targeted recommendations.

  • Technical recommendations

    From a technical standpoint, your website should be beyond reproach. To achieve this, there are various criteria to consider. Our tools offer recommendations prioritised according to their impact.

  • Text optimisation

    Your texts may be great, but they can always be improved to appeal to search engines. Our tools suggest optimisations such as keywords you should add, a word count to adhere to, etc.

  • Off-site recommendations

    Your link-building strategy is one of the key criteria when it comes to your SEO strategy. Our tools can identify the ideal number of links to optimise your positioning and, above all, pinpoint reputable websites that can help you achieve your goals.

Eskimoz SEO DATA Experts

At Eskimoz, profiles are diverse. To provide premium SEO Data services, we rely on our team of data scientists and data engineers. Data collection and analysis hold no secrets for them. They are skilled at leveraging the full potential of our in-house tools and the other tools on the market to recommend the most effective optimisations!

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  • Dashboarding

    We give you the tools to monitor your progress towards your objectives in real time.

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  • Tracking

    We help you define and collect the most relevant data for your needs.

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  • SEO Data

    We help you understand how to use your data to make sounder SEO decisions.

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  • A/B Test

    We improve your conversion rate through A/B testing to guarantee optimal results.

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  • CRO

    We provide recommendations to help you optimise your website and boost your conversion rate.

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