Increasing Brand Visibility & ROI

Discover how Eskimoz increased brand visibility and ROI on paid campaign activity for accommodation provider, Sweet Inn.

The Client

Sweet Inn is a travel tech company that combines the accommodation and amenities of a 5-star hotel experience with beautifully designed apartments, in amazing cities worldwide.

The Challenge

As with many accommodation providers, Sweet Inn sought to drive direct bookings at a lower cost than online travel agents. With our prior experience managing large ad spends in excess of £4 million a year, they enlisted the help of the Eskimoz team to manage their paid campaigns and increase direct bookings.

With typical hotel keywords failing to drive conversions, Eskimoz were tasked with building a paid campaign that would optimise the structure of Sweet Inn’s ad accounts and increase performance.

Our Solution

Our initial strategy involved improving brand campaigns across Google Ads, combining this with non-brand ads focusing on the keywords directly related to Sweet Inn’s offering in relevant markets such as the US and Europe, and augmenting this with Facebook remarketing to encourage more direct bookings.

The Eskimoz team worked closely with Sweet Inn to examine occupation rates, which are a significant factor in conversion rates and visibility. Once occupation rates reach a critical mass, conversion rates suffer as website visitors cannot find availability, with the result that paid campaigns become too expensive to drive bookings. To address this, we focused paid campaigns on cities with lower occupation rates, and then adjusted this throughout the year in accordance with seasonal demand.

Our team also expanded paid activity targeting US student accommodation in Sweet Inn’s European cities. We bid on relevant keywords such as “student accommodation Paris” in the US, building specific landing pages to support this, resulting in a particularly high return on ad spend.

Following the success of our paid campaign optimisations, Eskimoz further supported Sweet Inn with a new website build and accompanying SEO activity.

After 1 year Results

  • 105%

    ROI increase

  • 18

    highest ROI in a month

  • £5K/month


Our Results

Our careful, targeted approach produced fantastic results for Sweet Inn, enabling us to target a highly qualified audience and increase both brand visibility and ROI, with key results as follows:

  • 105% YoY ROI increase
  • 18 highest ROI in a month
  • £5K/month budget
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